Devotion for Wednesday, May 9, 2018

“Therefore the Lord heard and was full of wrath; and a fire was kindled against Jacob and anger also mounted against Israel, because they did not believe in God and did not trust in His salvation.” (Psalm 78:21-22)

In spite of all that the Lord has done, the nations go their own way and do not look to the One who brings all things together and has done all things for His glory. He who put the stars in their places and has always provided for us is the One who is often ignored. Open your eyes and see that it is the Lord who gives and provides. Trust in the One who sustains, saves and lifts up all who come to Him.

Lord, I become selfish and want what I want. I do not see things the way I want to see them and think that things are not fair. Guide me, O Lord, to see in You the hope for all people and the great love You have lavished upon us all. Help me to see through the nonsense of this age to come to the place where I praise and thank You for all things. O Lord, we all need what only You can provide.

Savior of the nations, You have come that we may know the way and truth of life. You have come to lead the way of all who are willing to follow after You. Guide me this day into the way of truth that I may forever hold fast to Your goodness and mercy. Help me now and always to have a heart that is thankful and willing to serve as I have been served. Guide me in Your way, Lord Jesus. Amen.