Devotion for Monday, August 13, 2018

“Once I have sworn by My holiness; I will not lie to David. “His descendants shall endure forever and his throne as the sun before Me.” (Psalm 89:35-36)


The Lord swore to David. Unlike humans, the Lord keeps His promises. He will abide in the truth and delivers to us that which He has promised. Look carefully and know His word is truth. The world seeks to make the Lord a liar, but it is the world which will be found to have lied. The Lord has spoken the truth from the beginning, for He is truth. Trust in the Lord and know that His promises are sure.

Guide me O Lord through the maze of all of the things said about You that I may know the truth of Your Word. Help me to see clearly that all things have always been in Your hands. Nothing in all of creation is able to separate those who are in You from the promises You give. Lead me to live by faith all the days of my life in the hope and promises that You give.

Lord Jesus, without You it would be impossible to live in this faith You have given. By the power of Your Spirit, lead me this day to walk humbly and faithfully in the truth You have revealed. Help me now and always to hold fast to Your ways and walk before the Father as one of the godly ones. You have lifted me up and will sustain me by Your grace. Lead me to walk in thankfulness for Your goodness. Amen.