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“Who satisfies your years with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle. The Lord performs righteous deeds and judgments for all who are oppressed.” (Psalm 103:5-6)


What is youth but hope and dreams? The Lord has promised eternity though we as yet need to walk in this world all the days of this life. For those who are not conformed to the oppression of this age, they are granted the journey of righteousness through His mercy. Come into the way of the Lord and know life that leads to life eternal. Learn from Him how to be faithful.

Lord, in the mixed up world it is hard to see through the noise and confusion. Clear the way in my heart that I may now and always walk according to the truth you have revealed from the beginning. Grant that I would come into the grace You have provided and learn as You teach me through the eternal principles You have established. Lead me, O Lord, to abide in Your righteousness.

Lord Jesus, You came into this world to lead the way for as many as would follow You through what You have accomplished for our salvation. Guide me this day to humbly receive what You have given that I may grow in Your likeness. Remove from me the conformity to this world that I may be freed to see the truth You have revealed and walk in Your righteousness. Amen.

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