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“Therefore He swore to them that He would cast them down in the wilderness, and that He would cast their seed among the nations and scatter them in the lands.” (Psalm 106:26-27)

The Lord has fulfilled His Word and all that He has spoken will come to pass as He has spoken it. Know that the Lord is able to accomplish all that He purposes. Come then into His promise and know that He who made you knows all that is before you. He has promised to be with you always even unto the end of the age. Be guided by His grace and mercy and live boldly in Him.

Lord, this world is incessantly talking and coming up with ideas they think are new. They repackage the old stuff. Help me shed myself of all of the garbage of this world and live according to Your Word of truth. You invented history and it is all in Your hands. Help me to live in the truth, knowing that this means that I am now and always in Your hands.

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for guiding my soul to You. Lead me this day and every day to walk according to the Word You have spoken through the prophets and apostles of old. Lead me into the righteousness to which I have been called by grace, and accept in faith. Help me to know that in walking with You, I am walking the path to which I have been called. Lead me today, O Lord. Amen.