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“O God of my praise, do not be silent! For they have opened the wicked and deceitful mouth against me; they have spoken against me with a lying tongue. They have also surrounded me with words of hatred, and fought against me without cause.” (Psalm 109:1-3)

The world is filled with anger and hatred. The world speaks lying words. No sooner are you speaking when you are cut off with absurdities. This is the confusion of the wicked. They speak with lying tongues and do not want to hear the Word of the Lord. They will fight against the Lord with vitriol, but remain silent in the face of others who do wickedness. Hold fast to the Word of the Lord.

Lord, in my mind I am tossed about and thrown to and fro in the midst of adversity. Help me to not become carried away in adversity. Guide me into the truth of Your Word that I may humbly abide in Your presence and learn to practice what is right and true. Lead me, O Lord, into the salvation You have prepared for all who believe that I may learn to hold fast to You.

Lord Jesus, Word made flesh, guide me ever deeper into the mystery of faith. Amidst the tossing waves of this world, teach me to walk with You that I may stay atop the waves and not be drowned by them. Grant to me a discerning ear and a shrewd mind that I would not be taken in by the constant lying and deceit of this world. Help me to live into the life You have demonstrated that I may become like You. Amen.

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