Devotion for Wednesday, May 1, 2019

“May those who fear You turn to me, even those who know Your
testimonies.  May my heart be blameless
in Your statutes, so that I will not be ashamed.”  (Psalm 119:79-80)

The Lord calls us to be lifted
up that those around also know that we hear the Word of the Lord and obey all
that He commands.  It is not that we are
lifted up in ourselves, but lifted up because of our righteousness in the
Lord.  Come then and know the goodness of
the Lord and walk in His ways.  Let Him
lift up whom He will and follow and lead according to His purposes.

Lord, remove me from the equation so that I would do as You would have
me do.  You are Lord and You know the
purposes for which You have created each one of us.  Lead me, O Lord, in the way of righteousness
that I would now and always walk according to Your Word of truth.  May I never be ashamed for the goodness You
have given me through Your eternal promises.

Lord Jesus, You have taught us how to walk blamelessly.  Lead me this day that I would now and forever walk according to Your goodness.  Help me through all of the obstacles that come my way.  May I now and always be found in You, the author and source of my faith.  Place me where You would have me and guide me throughout this day to do what is pleasing in the Father’s sight.  Amen.

Photo by Michael Rosner-Hyman on Unsplash