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“My eyes anticipate the night watches, that I may meditate on Your word.  Hear my voice according to Your lovingkindness; revive me, O Lord, according to Your ordinances.  Those who follow after wickedness draw near; they are far from Your law.”  (Psalm 119:148-150)

Do you take time to meditate upon the Word of the Lord.  Our lives are often so busy that we do not take time to meditate and pray.  Before all of the lights and electronics, people had time in the evening watch to think on the things of the Lord.  Come close to the Lord and He will come close to You.  Know that the Lord hears your prayers and seeks those who seek Him.  Come to Him and find understanding.

Lord, You know the state of my heart.  Guide me O Lord in the way of truth that I would now and forever abide in the hope of glory that You promise through salvation.  Help me O Lord with so many around me who tug and pull and seek to bring me to their level.  Keep me from stumbling over the wickedness of this world and lift me up to be able to see You face to face.

Lord Jesus, You have given many promises.  Beyond the promises of salvation, teach me all that You have in store for me that I would be prepared to live into the life for which You have called me.  Guide me in Your grace and mercy to progress forward, taking time and meditating upon all that this means.  May I learn from You Lord Jesus how to pray and meditate and learn.  Amen.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash