Devotion for Thursday, September 19, 2019

“For the enemy has persecuted my soul; he has crushed my life to the
ground; he has made me dwell in darkness, like those who have long been
dead.  Therefore my spirit is overwhelmed
within me; my heart within me is distressed.” 
(Psalm 143:3-4)

There are times when life seems
overwhelming.  Things are not as you
imagined they would be.  This too is a
part of this life in this age.  It is a
reminder that this age does have aspects that are not quite right.  Do not linger in the temporary time of this
wickedness, but see beyond your circumstances the goodness which is also
present.  God has created what is good
and He calls you into what is good, right and salutary.

Lord, let not my heart be overcome by the adversity of this world but rather
transformed by the truth of Your goodness. 
Guide me through the malaise of this age to see the truth of Your
eternal goodness.  Through Your mercy,
lead me in the way of righteousness that, no matter the circumstances around me,
I may live into the life to which You have called me by grace.

Grace giver, Jesus, lead me this
day no matter the circumstances in which I find myself.  Lead me along the narrow path that daily
conforms my life to Yours.  Help me now
and always to see the truth of Your presence shining on me through in this age
of shadows.  Guide me according to the
plan of the Father to prosper in righteousness and live a life that is more and
more conformed to You.  Amen.

Photo by Kiwihug on Unsplash