Devotion for Sunday, March 22, 2020

“No one of the rulers or Pharisees has believed in Him, has
he?” (John 7:48)

If the
leaders do not believe, then it couldn’t possibly be true. This kind of
thinking has always been around, a peer pressure of rulers. If your rulers do
or do not believe, then this establishes what is true. The atrocities in human
history come about because people let others think for them. Bottom line: what
about you? Is Jesus your Lord?

Lord, I get tossed about by the winds of this world. Help
me, I pray, to be firm in the truth and listen only to the words of reason. Grant
that I would not be led astray by falsehood or deceit, but would instead follow
You alone who has the words of eternal life. Grow in me a firm conviction that
is unyielding in the face of pressures to believe lies.

Thank You,
Jesus, for the gift of Your Word. In the grace You give, I have been set free. Help
me today to live firmly in the revealed truth, no matter what any others may
say. Help me not waver, or back down from what You have revealed. May the Holy
Spirit move boldly through me today. Amen.