Devotion for Tuesday, March 31, 2020

“But to each one is given the manifestation of the Spirit
for the common good. For to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit,
and to another the word of knowledge according to the same Spirit” (1
Corinthians 12:7-8)

The Holy
Spirit is the One who guides and directs us. Insofar as it helps, use the
guidance of others, but do not make the mistake of thinking that they are the
ones leading. Just as there is One Lord, there is One Spirit who unites us in
the One Lord, Jesus Christ. Come then into the Holy Spirit’s leading and go as
the Spirit leads that You may live into the life to which You have been called
by grace.

This world is filled with ideas about how to live life. We
have teachers and those who guide, but there is only One Spirit who has been
given that we might live in the unity the Lord is creating by grace. Do not
seek after what will tickle your ears, but come as the Spirit leads into the
faith given once for all. The gifts of the Spirit will come as the Lord directs
and according to His will.

There are
many conflicts in my mind and practice. Come Holy Spirit and kindle in me the
heart of Jesus that I would live into the life for which You are directing me. Let
nothing hinder Your guidance in my life that I may now and always abide in the
truth of Your presence and be led by You in all things. May I not live just for
myself, but be led by You in all things to the glory of the Father. Amen.

Devotion for Monday, March 30, 2020

“And there are varieties of ministries, and the same Lord. There
are varieties of effects, but the same God who works all things in all persons”
(1 Corinthians 12:5-6).

The Lord
created each person according to His purpose. We are not all the same, nor are
we to imagine anything other than that we are to be conformed to the image of
Christ. Do not be deceived, it is the Lord who builds the house. If it is not
the Lord, then it is in vain. Come into the Lord’s presence and be led by the
Holy Spirit that you may live a life that is pleasing to the Lord.

Lord, we so often want to categorize things and make plans. Help
me to return today and every day to You that I may be led as You lead. Guide me
that I may walk in Your purpose and live as You have designed me to live. May I
no longer resist Your direction, but come willingly into Your presence and
dwell with You and You with me. Help me to hear and obey that I would learn to
be faithful.

Lord, guide
me according to Your eternal plan which You have revealed by grace and through
faith. Enlighten me by the power of Your Spirit that I may grow in the grace
You have given me. In all things, may I see that it is You who works all things
together according to Your purpose and live into the life to which You have
called me, doing all this to Your glory. Amen.

Devotion for Sunday, March 29, 2020

“Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the
Spirit of God says, “Jesus is accursed”; and no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,”
except by the Holy Spirit. Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same
Spirit” (1 Corinthians 12:3-4).

The greatest
gift is the awakening that comes as a gift of the Holy Spirit in which one
knows that Jesus is Lord. Those who curse the Lord do not even know whom they
are cursing. Walk in the gift you have received and know that in the Lord alone
is all hope and the fulfilment of His promises. Be guided by the One who saves
and listen as the Spirit speaks.

Lord, You are speaking to me and I am often confused by the
things of this world. Guide me in the way of truth that I may now and always
listen to what You have to say. Lead me in Your goodness and cause my eyes to
be opened to the way of the world which tugs at me to do other than what You
are teaching me. In You alone is the hope for all people and apart from You is
the continued rebellion.

Holy Spirit,
You have awakened me to the truth that You are God and there is no other. You
know my heart, for You have searched it. You know the direction I need to go. Lead
me in the truth of Your word that I may now and always abide in You as You
abide in me. You know the direction I need to go and You have already prepared
the way. Guide me according to Your will to walk as You lead. Amen.

Devotion for Saturday, March 28, 2020

“Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be unaware. You know that when you were pagans, you were led astray to the mute idols, however you were led” (1 Corinthians 12:1-2).

how the Holy Spirit works in our lives, we ought not be unaware. The Spirit
moves where it will and always for the sake of all that needs to happen. Walk
in the ways of the Spirit and know that the Lord is always with You. Be guided
by God’s goodness and do not stray back to the ways of the wicked. Live into
the promise which is yours through the grace of Christ.

Holy Spirit, lead me in the ways I should go. Remove from me the hindrances that keep me away from godliness and holiness. Help me now and always to be clear in action and precise in thought. In all things, never let me forget that it is You who must lead me. This world is constantly calling me back to itself. Keep my thoughts and deeds clear and true to the calling You give.

Lord Jesus, You came not only as the One through whom grace is possible, but also as the model of the godly life. Lead me, Lord, according to all that You have taught that I may walk in the light and be guided day by day into the life to which I am being called. Guide me according to the Father’s will to see the foolishness of this world and live for that which lasts. Amen

Devotion for Friday, March 27, 2020

“The scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman caught in
adultery, and having set her in the center of the court, they said to Him,
“Teacher, this woman has been caught in adultery, in the very act.” (John

We love to
catch others sinning as if it were some kind of novelty rather than the rule of
our sinful existence. We love to lift up the sins we do not commit as the ones
that are especially heinous. Then we love to go to the Lord and show that we
are better because we are not that kind of sinner.

Lord, help me see that any and all sin pits me against You
and, in effect, causes me to nail You to the cross once again. Grant that I
would truly see the travesty in every sin and not get caught up in the game of
separating sins. Help me also have compassion, as You have compassion, on
everyone caught up in sin.

Thank You, Lord
Jesus, for responding to every sin by dying on the cross for us. Help me see
that reconciliation is always better than retaliation. Grant that I would live
into a life that is like Yours in every way, reacting in wisdom to situations
as You do, beginning with today. Grant that I live out compassion and mercy
this day in Your Name. Amen.

List of Online Church Services (Livestreams and Recorded)

This is a list of confessional and orthodox congregations who are livestreaming or recording their church services.

  • If you would like your church to be added to the list, please email

To view the letter CORE’s Executive Director, Dennis Nelson, has sent about this list, click the button below.

In addition to our partial pan-Lutheran list below, the North American Lutheran Church (NALC) has an amazing list of NALC church services: click button below.

Among the people whom CORE especially want to serve through this ministry are:

  • Lay people whose congregations are not livestreaming their services
  • Lay people who are members of congregations that are not confessional and orthodox
State Church and Location Pastor(s) Church Body Affiliation Link Date & Time of Services Timezone
Alaska St. Mark Lutheran Church, Anchorage Carol George ELCA Facebook:
Click here

Click here

Live on Zoom
at 10:30 am, but recording will be available anytime on the website and Facebook page along with printed materials.
Arizona Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Fountain Hills Jeff Teeples LCMC Livestreamed via our
Facebook page: click here
Instructions for how to access the
Livestream: click here
Sundays at 9:30 am
Wednesdays at 7:07 am
Arizona La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church, Scottsdale Unaffiliated Click here Live streaming at 8, 9:15, and 10:30 am Sundays
Saturdays at 5 pm
Arizona Mountain View Lutheran Church, Phoenix Glenn Zorb,
Annemarie Burke,
Chris Heller
ELCA Website:
Click here
Click here
Click here
Past sermons:
Click here
MVLC ap:
Click here
In-person worship: Saturdays at 5:30 pm (cont.)
Sundays at 8:00 am (trad)
Sundays at 9:15 am (blend)
10:45 am (cont.)
Online worship –
posted to
YouTube no
later than
Sunday at
7 am
California Streams of Living Water David Berkedal,
Sally Welch
ELCA, Christian Church – Disciples of Christ/UCC YouTube: Click here Live Mondays and Thursdays at 11:30 AM and then posted on Facebook Pacific
Pueblo de Dios Lutheran Church, Compton Samuel Nieva ELCA Access by
Facebook page
Samuel Nieva
Spanish Worship Services – Sundays at 12:30 pm
Bible Study in Spanish by Messenger – Mondays and Tuesdays – 9am and 7 pm
Food Pantry is now closed
California Westchester Lutheran Church and School, Westchester Lawrence Becker ELCA Sundays at 10 am –
live-stream on
church’s Facebook page: here

Also on personal YouTube Channel: here

Sundays at 10 am Pacific
California Concordia Lutheran Church, Kingsburg Douglas Schoelles NALC Link to the livestream:
here or here
9:30 am Sundays Pacific
California St. Timothy’s LC, San Jose Jonna Bohigian, Jim Bangsund, Judy Bangsund (the J-Team) NALC Click here
Click here
Any time you want; viewers are not restricted to a particular time. Pacific
Florida St. Paul Lutheran Church, Niceville David A. Charlton ELCA Link to the
St. Paul Lutheran
Church and
School on
Facebook Live
Sunday Worship at 9:30 am
Monday to Saturday: Daily Devotion at 11 am
Florida (Spanish) His Light Ministries –
Ministerio SU Luz
Eddy. F. Perez LCMC
Link to the livestream, the posting, and/or
the congregation’s
website and/or Facebook page.
Click here
Posting on Sundays at 9:00 am Eastern
Illinois Resurrection Lutheran Church, Godfrey
(Metro St. Louis)
Steven P. Tibbets ELCA Link to livestream:
here or here

Reposted following here

Services daily at 10 am and 7 pm
Morning Prayer (Matins) and Evening Prayer (Vespers) are from the LBW
(Spanish /
First Santa Cruz Lutheran Parish, Joliet and St. Timothy/Hermosa, Chicago Keith Forni ELCA Offering Compline/Prayer at the
Close of the Day/Completas at 9:00 pm daily
via Facebook Live (on personal page “Keith Forni”)
while Illinois is under the
Governor’s Stay-at-Home order
9:00 pm daily Central
Iowa Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church, Audubon Ben Unseth (Dan Beattie after April 27) LCMC Facebook: Our Saviour’s Audubon, or here 9:00 am Sundays Central
Iowa St. John’s Evangelical
Lutheran Church
– Vilmar
Christopher Martin NALC Does Facebook Live
on Sundays.
Click here
Sundays at 10 am Central
Iowa Faith Lutheran Church, Spencer Lee Laaveg LCMC Livestream:
Click here
Sundays at 9:00 am
Our worship service includes a blend of old hymns and new songs to worship our Lord!
Iowa Immanuel Lutheran, Story City Kurt Jensen LCMC Livestreaming:
Click here
Click here
Click here
Daily 10
at 10:00 am
Each Sunday
morning at 9:30 am
Maryland River’s Edge Ministries K. Craig Moorman NALC
Click here Sundays at 10:30 am Eastern
Minnesota Grace Lutheran Church, Belview Pari Bailey ELCA Click here Morning Prayer (weekdays 8:30 am)
Evening Prayer (Wednesdays 7:00 pm)
—————-Sunday Service (9:00 am)
Montana First Lutheran, Miles City Blayne Watts NALC Livestream:
Click here
Sundays at
10:00 am
Nebraska Trinity Lutheran Church, Gothenburg Jeff Cottingham NALC Click here Sundays – Bible study at 9:00 am – Worship at 10:00 am Central
Nebraska St. Paul Lutheran, Blue Hill Leah Fintel Krotz YouTube Channel:
Click here
Web Site:
Click here
North Carolina St. Mark Mark Ryman NALC Livestream:
Click here
Click here
Sunday Worship at 10:30 am
Wednesday Vespers at 7:30 pm
North Carolina St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, Salisbury Gary S. Coble LCMC Website: click here
YouTube: Click here

Once you’re on the YouTube page, you can subscribe and receive emails when it is updated.

We tape each Friday and they are up by sometime on Saturday. Eastern
North Carolina St. Paul’s, Salisbury Brad Miller LCMC Link:
Click here
Click here
Recorded services posted Sundays at 10:30 am Eastern
Ohio Trinity Lutheran, Ashland Tim Hubert, Kevin McClain, Mike Koch NALC Click here or here. Online Services at 8:30 and 10:45 am on Facebook Live, ROKU, and Trinity’s website. Eastern
Ohio Stone Lutheran Church, Ashland Miguel Acosta NALC Click here Eastern
Ohio Trinity Lutheran Church, Delta Matthew Voyer ELCA Click here Sundays at 10:00 am
Wednesday Devotions at
7:00 pm
Pennsylvania St. John, Espy and St. Paul’s, Numidia Gordon Smith ELCA TBD Vespers Wednesday at 4:30 pm and Sunday Morning Worship at 8:30 am
These times are for the current emergency; after we can worship together again the livestreaming will be reviewed.
Pennsylvania Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church, Nazareth Brett Jenkins NALC Click here
Click here
Sunday mornings at 9:30 am
Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm
Pennsylvania St. Michael’s Church, Hamburg Paul Buzzard ELCA Click here September – May
Worship at 10:15 am
Sunday School for all ages at 9 am
Pennsylvania St Luke Lutheran Church, Bloomsburg Kerry Mauer NALC Click here Eastern
Wisconsin Calvary Lutheran Church, Minong Kevin Kaiser ELCA Does not livestream, but recorded
sermons are available on
YouTube Channel: click here
Posted around 9 am Sunday Central
Wisconsin Zion Lutheran Church, Wausau Steven K. Gjerde, Senior.
Christopher S. Johnson, Associate. Joseph C. Pinzl, Associate.
Live Radio Broadcast:
Sunday: 9am, WSAU 550 AM, 99.9 FM,
95.1 FM, or
visit here
and hit
“listen now”

Live-Streaming: click here

Devotion Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 8:30 am and 8:30 pm
Mondays at 12:10 pm, Monday Music
Pre-recorded studies or devotions are posted Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
Wisconsin The Grace Hub Nicole Aimiee Macaluso Collins A house church through
the Lutheran Orthodox Church.
channel link: click here

Click here

Sundays at 9 am (unless otherwise noted) Central
Wisconsin Hope Lutheran Church, Ladysmith Jeff Hogden (Lay Minister Pulpit Supply) NALC Radio Broadcast since 1948. Radio station
does stream their broadcast via its website.
Click here.
Sundays at 9:00 am Central

Devotion for Thursday, March 26, 2020

“But Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. Early in the morning
He came again into the temple, and all the people were coming to Him; and He
sat down and began to teach them. “ (John 8:1,2)

attracts people to Himself. As many as are willing, He will draw them to
Himself and teach them. It is no different today. You who have faith simply
express that faith in daily living, reading Scripture, listening to the Lord,
growing and understanding more about the eternal will of God the Father.

Lord, like other sinners, I resist doing what I know is right and therefore agree with Paul that I do not do as I ought, but do the very thing I hate, agreeing with the law. Help me, I pray, to learn how to be still, sit down with You and know that You are God. Grant that I would change my habits to include time with You.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for always taking time with Your disciples. Take time with me today and help me to take time with You that I may learn and grow. By Your example, help me to take time with others that they may learn as I share with them what You have taught me through Your Word. May You be glorified this day through me. Amen.

Devotion for Wednesday, March 25, 2020

“They answered him, “You are not also from Galilee, are you?
Search, and see that no prophet arises out of Galilee.” Everyone went to his
home.” (John 7:52,53)

A little
information is a dangerous thing. It has been misleading the faithful from the
beginning. If you go to Scripture to prove something wrong, you can probably
find what you are looking for (in a wrong way). But Scripture must interpret
Scripture. People with an agenda are often blinded by that agenda. But the
truth always remains true.

Lord, help me be diligent in my search for the truth You
reveal. Grant that I would not stop short, nor listen to those who do not
believe. Instead, help me grow in understanding that I may live into the faith
You have given me. Guide me in knowing what is true and then help me hold fast
to what You have revealed.

Thank You
Lord for the faithful who would not be intimidated by those who were led by
their father, the devil. Grant that I may hold fast to the truth You have
revealed to me this day, sharing with others boldly what You have said. May my
mouth speak faithful words, knowing that You have all truth. Amen.

Devotion for Tuesday, March 24, 2020

“Nicodemus (he who came to Him before, being one of them)
said to them, “Our Law does not judge a man unless it first hears from him and
knows what he is doing, does it?” (John 7:50, 51)

Those who
use the law to their own ends are often willing to violate parts of it. Nicodemus
shows that he is an honorable man. Do you see where the Founding Fathers got
the principle of innocent until proven guilty? The Lord desires that we be
fair. It is in the law. Even though there are evil people, so also, the Lord
has those in whom truth dwells.

Lord, help me to be a fair and reasonable person. Help me see when the crowd is being misled and then grant that I would be bold to stand up to those who are seeking their own ends. Grant that I can learn to understand the greater uses of the wisdom You give through the law so that, like Nicodemus, I can stand up to those who seek to do wrong.

Guide me today, Holy Spirit, that I may live this day with wisdom. Grant that I would be bold when facing what is wrong. Help me to be a help to others and stand up for those who are wrongly accused. Grant that I would be a bold witness of my loyalty to Jesus, no matter what the cost may be. Amen

Devotion for Monday, March 23, 2020

“But this crowd which does not know the Law is accursed.” (John

do not know what we know, so there is no way they could know the truth. A mob
may not be intelligent, but individuals are. Those who have an agenda often
bully their way through things because they actually believe they are superior.
Jesus calls for each of us to be humble and gentle in spirit.

Lord, I have bullied with a superior attitude before. Help
me learn to be gentle and humble that I may be like You. Let me not become
overly concerned when others do not agree with me, but instead help me always
learn and grow in Your wisdom. Help me to know, but also to never become
afflicted with pride because I do know.

Thank You
Jesus for standing firm. You who knows all things accepted the bullying for our
sake. I know You do things that will surprise me, but help me to trust in You
no matter what may come. Grant that I would live today standing up to those who
try to intimidate and hold fast to what You have shown me is true. Amen.