Devotion for Saturday, August 29, 2020

“But I have sent the brethren, in order that our boasting about you may not be made empty in this case, so that, as I was saying, you may be prepared; otherwise if any Macedonians come with me and find you unprepared, we – not to speak of you – will be put to shame by this confidence” (2 Corinthians 9:3-4).

In spite of the good work that is done, we still need encouragement.  Are there ever enough hands to do all that needs to be done?  Receive those who come alongside that they might encourage you in the tasks at hand.  Do not be insecure because the Lord sends another to help, but instead rejoice that the Lord invests in the ministry you are doing.  Be guided always by Him and the direction He gives.

Lord, teach me those things which my old heart does not know.  Help me to see that You are constantly sending those who will help and providing for every need.  Lead me in the upward call to both give and receive, help and be helped, love and be loved.  Through all things, You strengthen each of us in this path of faith on which You have placed each one of us.

Lord Jesus, Your call was simple, “Come follow me.”  Lead me, O Lord, in the way of truth that I may be where You want me to be, do what You want me to do, and live as You would have me live.  Help me to be receptive to all things knowing that You alone must be the author and finisher of my faith.  Guide me, Lord, and help me to always be willing to follow You no matter what that may mean.  Amen.