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Associate Pastor – Full Time

Trinity in Ashland, OH

Large NALC Congregation of 1650 members; worshipped 550 per Sunday before COVID; four weekly worship services, of which two are traditional liturgy. 

Staff of 25 persons including discipleship, education, worship, Montessori school, Outreach, Youth, etc.

Ashland is a community of 20,000 in northeast Ohio.  A lovely lively town with Ashland Univ. (Brethren).   Good public schools.  Inexpensive housing. 

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List the Top Five Things your congregation hopes for in its next Associate Pastor:

1.       Fidelity – We are looking for a pastor who lives out faith in Jesus Christ, who is doctrinally sound, and who shows with their life the value of that sound doctrine.  We desire a pastor who holds to the scriptures as the inerrant Word of God and Confessions of the Lutheran Church because they are faithful witnesses to the truth of scripture.

2.       Promise – We are looking for a pastor who wants the freedom, opportunity, and responsibility to minister faithfully, but also someone whose best days are ahead of them, and who desires to find new and successful ways to engage our community with the Gospel.  Someone forward thinking and opportunistic in disposition. Someone who will at every turn work with us to make disciples.

3.       Participation – We are looking for a pastor who participates in the life of the congregation and the community.  Our pastor will lead through action.  They will not ask the congregation or community to do something they themselves do not do but will show the way in word and deed.  Our pastor will desire to raise up and develop lay leaders within the congregation and provide opportunities for their spiritual growth and participation in the life and worship of the congregation.

4.       Capability – We are looking for a pastor who is hard working and self-motivated, someone who does not resent the hours necessary to do this job well.  Our pastor will have certain areas of emphasis, but their ministry will include all areas of pastoral ministry.  There is no room for micromanagement, but there is freedom for a pastor to take initiative and work in a direction that may be unexplored or underserved.

5.      Community – Trinity is an exceptional church, in an exceptional community, filled with exceptional people.  We are looking for a pastor who fits this community and can thrive here. Our staff is large, and our office environment is joyful, filled with laughter and love.  We want someone who will contribute to this ethos.  It is an absolute gift to work in a church environment like this.  The pastor must be a positive influence and a team player.