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Resurrection Lutheran Church (RLC), Mankato, Minnesota, seeks a full-time pastor to help us fulfill our mission: We are a Christ Centered and Cross Focused congregation with a passion to follow Christ and reach out to others in Christ’s name. Becoming more visible, active, and recognized within the community continues to be our goal in order to spread the Gospel.

We are seeking a pastor who is a Biblically grounded, traditional, confessional Lutheran as a preacher and a teacher as well as a good shepherd of the members of RLC while providing leadership and training to assist the congregation carry out its ministry in the community. The strengths of the membership are a core of strong Bible-believing Christians who are committed to prayer and dedicated to service.


1. Regularly Prays for the Congregation and Its Ministry

2. Provides Bible-based Preaching and Teaching:

•Ability to communicate faith
•Emphasis on teaching congregation
•Expertise in theological matters
•Encourages and works with youth
•Develops and strengthens lay leadership

3. Promotes Evangelism by:

•Participating in community activities
•Visiting potential and new members
•Supporting missions and church ministries

4. Provides Pastoral Care:

•Counseling members
•Visiting the sick and grieving
•Demonstrates care and concern for members

5. Skilled Administrator who:

•Works well with groups in the church
•Participates in denominational organizations
•Is comfortable using technology (i.e. on-line worship, social media)


•Strong spiritual leader and witness
•Continues to develop personal theological and Biblical skills
•Warm, open personality
•Good communicator and listener
•Open to new ideas


The pastor will have a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary and be LCMC certified.