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“These are grumblers, finding fault, following after their own lusts; they speak arrogantly, flattering people for the sake of gaining an advantage” (Jude 1:16).

If the wicked ones are out for you there is not much you can do about it.  They will find fault with everything you do.  Do not feed into the wickedness.  We are commanded by the Lord to love and put the best possible construction on others behaviors.  But do not be deceived, nor fall into their deceptions.  Live truthfully and be guarded by the One who saves you from the death that sin brings.

Lord, this makes sense.  I see it all around me.  Seemingly decent people who attack, hate, and do not live as You would have us live.  Guide me, dear Lord, in the way of life that You would have me live.  Lead me according to Your purpose to live according to all Your commandments, summed up by loving You and my neighbor as I love myself.  Teach me, Lord, what I need to know and help me to do it.

Dear Lord Jesus, You endured the crowds that were jeering and mocking You with every step You took to the Cross.  They lied and accused You of all kinds of things, but You kept heading to Golgotha.  Lord, You have saved me.  Lead me in the way of salvation so that I too may overcome the wickedness perpetrated in this age.  Guide me according to Your goodness and in Your mercy to learn how to be faithful.  Amen.