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“And no one in heaven or on the earth or under the earth was able to open the book or to look into it” (Revelation 5:3).

No one can or ever will be able to do what the Lord alone can do.  Who is worthy?  The One who knows all things.  Who can peer into the book of life?  The Creator of life.  Know the Lord and know life.  If this surprises you, look again in your own heart and see the plagues of every sinner.  We want to be in the center.  Pride, lust and envy corrupt the heart.  There is only One who is worthy, and He alone is the Judge and Savior.

Lord, I do not even know the full depth of all that goes on in my own heart let alone what is going on in the universe.  Of course, You are worthy.  You are worthy of all honor and praise.  Lead me, Lord, according to the Father’s will to live the life You have given me by Your grace. Guide me in the way of  discipleship so that I may live in the promise You give of life eternal.

Lord Jesus, Savior of all who believe, lead me all the days of my life so that when I witness You open the book, I will rejoice, and be glad.  Help me to live for life’s sake, not because I will gain anything, but because You have already given me all things necessary.  Lead me Lord all the days of this life until we meet face to face in the fulness of time.  You are worthy of all my honor and praise.  Amen.

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