Devotion for Monday, June 19, 2023

“I saw another strong angel coming down out of heaven, clothed with a cloud; and the rainbow was upon his head, and his face was like the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire” (Revelation 10:1)

How many times will people cry out, “It’s not fair?”  The Lord has given us warning after warning.  He said, “Never again will I destroy you with a flood.”  He did not say that we would not be judged, nor avoid destruction.  We put words into the Lord’s mouth and believe what we want to believe.  Live according to the word of God and not according to what you want to believe.

Lord, I do think in ways that are contrary to what You have spoken.  Guide me to hear with open  ears the truth that You have spoken.  Help me to cling to Your promises and not to the wishful thinking of this age.  The light of Your presence is always with me.  Help me to see it!  Lord, You know the times and seasons and I do not.  Help me to trust You, who knows all things, and not in this wicked world which is bound for destruction.

Lord Jesus, You have given me warning after warning.  Sometimes I do not heed what You say.  Lead me to walk according to Your goodness and mercy knowing that only in You is the grace to continue forward in the upward call You have given me.  Lead me now and always and guide my footsteps to walk with You.  You are the Rock of my salvation and the hope for all that is good.  Amen.