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“And he measured its wall, 144 cubits, by human measurements, which are also angelic measurements” (Revelation 21:17).

Twelve tribes times twelve apostles.  A gross, the complete number of all.  In the mystery of God communicating with us things that are at the edge, if not beyond our ability to grasp, the Lord tells us so that we may understand.  The number of perfection is the number of completion.  Cutting through all these things and coming to the point, are you one of those who belong to the Lord?

Lord, not in terror or fear as some preach it, but in the reality of simply living with the awesome truth that You are my Lord and God, help me to live in this reality.  You have done all that needs to be done.  You have created everything and who knows but that all of this is for the purpose of giving us the opportunity to be with You?  Lead me, Lord, into the reality that You have set before me with this thing called faith.

Much of what has been accomplished in this world has been done in faith, that first step into the unknown, believing that it is possible.  You, Lord Jesus, through whom and for whom all things have been created, have given me hope that because of all that You have done, there is more than I can imagine set before me.  Guide me into the life You know I should live.  Lead me to understand more each day and grow in Your likeness, according to all that the Father has willed.  Amen.


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