Devotion for Saturday, December 30, 2023

“And behold, I am coming quickly. Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book” (Revelation 22:7).

Whether it is the end of your life in this age or the Lord returning at the end of this age, both are rather quick to come.  What is one hundred years in the face of eternity?  We do not have much time to get these things right, so it is always a good time to get serious about walking in faith.  You do not have tomorrow, you only have today.  You may hope for tomorrow, but today is the only day you have been given to do anything.

Lord, my past is gone, and it is unchangeable.  My future is in Your hands and I must accept its outcome by faith.  But I do have today in which to apply these words that You have given me.  There are many blessings You have pronounced, and here You give an additional blessing to those who will apply these words to their life.  Lead me into a life of faith where I apply the words You have given.

Come, Holy Spirit, and make the words of my mouth the forerunner of the steps I take.  Guide my footsteps in the light of Your word so that I may walk faithfully with Your guidance all the short days of this life.  Let me not fear death, nor the world, but only being excluded from Your book of life.  In You, Lord, is all hope.  Guide me in the hope of faith so that I may live every today faithfully in the promise of Your word.  Amen.