Devotion for Wednesday, January 3, 2024

“Let the one who does wrong still do wrong, and the one who is filthy still be filthy; and let the one who is righteous still practice righteousness, and the one who is holy still keep himself holy” (Revelation 22:11).

How much of our energy is spent on trying to control the behaviors of others?  Whether it is in the church, or in society, conformity seems to be a powerful god in our midst.  But the One True God has declared that we are to let people be.  They will do what they will do.  Preaching then cannot be convincing but directing.  You have been called by Jesus to live into a life that is righteous.

Lord, only by grace and in the power which is yours is righteousness possible with me.  I still do wrong, and I am filthy, living in a filthy culture.  But You have called me to be righteous.  It is Your Holy Spirit that must carry the burden and lead me step by step, for all power and authority belongs to You, even the power to raise me from the place of being wrong and filthy to the place of being righteousness.

Lord Jesus, I believe in Your name, which means, “God’s Salvation.”  You are the only One who can save me.  Slay the wrong filthy sinner in me today and raise one who is willing to practice Your righteousness.  Guide me in the goodness and mercy of Your grace so that I am on the narrow path and not on the broad way which leads to destruction.  You are my Savior, Lord, and God.  Thank You for bringing me into You.  Amen.