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Scripture: John 15:1-8



Pastor: Good morning boys and girls! Welcome! Let’s say good morning to our friend Sammy and see if she is there. Ready? One, two, three: Good morning, Sammy!

Sammy: Good morning, everyone! Guess what Pastor!

Pastor: Yes, Sammy?

Sammy: Today is music Sunday! I would like to teach everyone a song. Ready?

Pastor: Okay! Is everyone ready?

Sammy: Repeat after me:

I just want to be a sheep


I just want to be a sheep


And I pray the Lord my soul to keep

I just want to be a sheep


Let’s put it all together! [repeat song]

Pastor: Great singing everyone! There are verses to that song, too Sammy.

Sammy: Yes we have verses to teach at another time.

Pastor: We are going to talk about vines today. Can anyone tell me what type of fruit grows on a vine?

[Allow time for responses]

Pastor: That’s great! Grapes grow on vines.

Sammy: I love grapes!

Pastor: I didn’t know that sheep eat grapes, Sammy.

Sammy: This one does!

Pastor: Sammy, do you help with chores on the farm?

Sammy: Of course! I help my maamaa with watching my younger cousins. And when Shepherd John askes us to help with weeding the pasture, we take care of that for him.

Pastor: So you go out into the pasture and eat weeds and vines and grass?

Sammy: Yes! And after my family is done eating, we have to go on to a new pasture—that’s how much we eat!

Pastor: Wow Sammy! You eat a lot!

Sammy: I don’t know where I put it all.

Pastor: Well, Sammy, you reminded me of our gospel reading for today.

Sammy: I did?

Pastor: Jesus is telling us that in order for new branches of the vine to grow, we have to get rid of the branches that are not producing fruit.

Sammy: That makes sense. If the grapevine doesn’t have grapes on a branch, and we cut that branch off, then a new branch can grow and we can eat grapes.

Pastor: Exactly!

Sammy: But why is Jesus talking about grapes?

Pastor: Sammy, he’s actually not talking about grapes.

Sammy: He’s not?! I’m so confused.

Pastor: Jesus is actually talking about sin. And about how sin needs to be clipped away from our lives to make room for good things.

Sammy: Like what?

Pastor: Boys and girls, what good things can we have in our lives when we have Jesus in our hearts?

[Allow time for responses]

Sammy: Great answers, everyone! Can we say a prayer for the vines and branches in our lives, Pastor?

Pastor: Of course, Sammy. Would everyone please fold your hands and bow your heads? Dear Jesus, Thank you for taking away the sins of the world. Have mercy on us. We love you. Amen.

Sammy: Bye everyone!

Pastor: Bye, Sammy!