Children’s Sermon, Seventh Sunday of Easter/ May 12, 2024/ Lectionary Year B

John 17:6-19


Pastor: Good morning boys and girls! Welcome! Let’s say good morning to our friend Sammy and see if she is there. Ready? One, two, three: Good morning, Sammy!

Sammy: Good morning, everyone! I have a question for you: Who do you pray for?

[Allow time for responses]

Sammy: Great answers, everyone! Pastor, who do you pray for?

Pastor: I pray for my family, our church, and anything else on my heart.

Sammy: I pray for my maamaa and all my aunts and uncles and cousins. And Shepherd John. And I pray for you, Pastor. And all the boys and girls here. And—

Pastor: You pray for a lot of others, Sammy.

Sammy: Yes! Prayer is really important.

Pastor: Sammy, did you know that Jesus prays for us?

Sammy: What? He does?

Pastor: Yes he does.

Sammy: How do you know that?

Pastor: In our gospel reading from John today, Jesus is praying a prayer and asking God to be with his disciples.

Sammy: But what is Jesus praying for?

Pastor: He is praying that his disciples know the truth. He is also praying for joy in him, and protection over them.

Sammy: I didn’t know that Jesus prayed for his disciples.

Pastor: Want to know something even cooler?

Sammy: Sure!

Pastor: We are Jesus’s disciples, too, which means—

Sammy: He’s praying for us, too!

Pastor: That’s right, Sammy! Okay boys and girls, we are going to pray a special prayer together. Does anyone have a prayer request?

Sammy: I do! I do!

Pastor: Yes, Sammy?

Sammy: My prayer request is for all of us to love Jesus with all our hearts.

Pastor: Great prayer request! Does anyone else have a prayer request?

[Allow time for responses]

Pastor: Let’s pray. Can we please fold our hands and bow our heads? Dear Jesus, Thank you for praying for us. [Add children’s prayer requests/petitions here.] We love you. Amen.

Sammy: Bye, Pastor!

Pastor: Bye, Sammy!