Children’s Sermon, Trinity Sunday/ May 26, 2024/Lectionary Year B

John 3:1-17


Props: You will need three images for this children’s sermon, printed out on paper. The first is an image of Jesus, the second, an image of a dove, and the third, a burning bush. Put the image of Jesus on a cross in your church, the dove on the baptismal font, and the burning bush on the alter, stained glass Ten Commandments, or a Bible.

Pastor: Good morning boys and girls! Welcome! Let’s say good morning to our friend Sammy and see if she is there. Ready? One, two, three: Good morning, Sammy!

Sammy: Good morning, everyone! I have something really special for all of you to do this morning.

Pastor: What’s that, Sammy?

Sammy: Pastor, I would like you and all of the boys and girls to solve a mystery for me.

Pastor: A mystery?

Sammy: Yes! It’s about our faith. I hid pictures in the church.

Pastor: What do you think, boys and girls? Do you think we can help Sammy solve a mystery about faith?

Pastor: Can you give us some direction or a hint before we get started, Sammy?

Sammy: Yes! I will give you one hint at a time. Are you ready?

Pastor: We are ready.

Sammy: The first item you need to find is located on the place where Jesus died.

Pastor: What do you think boys and girls? [located on a cross in the church]

Sammy: Great work! The next item to see is a place where we can baptize a baby. [Located on a baptismal font] 

Pastor: We can baptize babies, children, and adults!

Sammy: Hooray for baptism! Did you find the clue?

Pastor: We found it!

Sammy: Your final clue is this: It’s the Law of Moses, written by the hand of the one who knows us. There’s ten of these commands—just like the ten fingers on your hands! [located on a Bible or on a stained glass window of the Ten Commandments]

Pastor: Great job with searching for these clues everyone! Let’s put them together and see what we see.

Sammy: What do you see everyone?

[Allow time for responses]

Pastor: We see Jesus, a dove, and a burning bush.

Sammy: Here’s the mystery we need to solve: What do these three things have in common?

[Allow time for responses]

Pastor: I think these three images represent the Holy Trinity, Sammy.

Sammy: Exactly!

Pastor: There is a mystery within your mystery, Sammy.

Sammy: There is?

Pastor: The Holy Trinity is here in front of us, and the Trinity itself is a mystery of faith to us. We understand that Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are each a person of the Trinity, three in one, but no one completely understands the Trinity. It’s hard to explain and that’s why it’s a mystery of faith.

Sammy: That’s really cool, Pastor.

Pastor: Yes, it is, Sammy. Boys and girls, will you fold your hands and bow your heads in prayer with me please? Dear Jesus, We thank you for coming to earth to die for our sins. We thank you Father for your great love for us. We thank you Holy Spirit for always being with us. Amen.

Sammy: Bye, everyone!

Pastor: Bye, Sammy!