Young Timothy

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Welcome! This page has been created for the younger crowd. Please take a look at the posts and watch the videos that have been (mostly) written and created by orthodox Christians about your age. We also have other youth-related information that may appear here (such as the NEXUS program).

If you are  interested in someday going to seminary, you may also want to check our Seminarians page. If you’d like to see all of Lutheran CORE’s videos, click here.

A PDF  link for a list of resources for youth and young adults can be found here.  These books cover such topics as the reliability of the Bible, an explanation of the Christian faith as understood by Lutherans, the life of Martin Luther, and how to discern God’s call for your life. The same list can also be found (in non-PDF form) as a post below.

The button on the left below is simply Lutheran CORE’s email address. The button on the right takes you to our full Contact Us page.

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Videos by our young adults!

This is a video about NEXUS 2021 created by Ethan Zimmerman and Luke Ratke.


This is a video book review by Ethan Zimmerman. He reviews the book “Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther” by Roland Bainton.


This is a video book review by Ethan Zimmerman. He reviews the book The Lutheran Pastor (by George Henry Gerberding).


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Posts by or for our young adults!

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