Devotion for Tuesday, May 29, 2018

“He drove His adversaries backward; he put on them an everlasting reproach. He also rejected the tent of Joseph, and did not choose the tribe of Ephraim, but chose the tribe of Judah, Mount Zion which He loved.” (Psalm 78:66-68)

The Lord chooses whom He chooses. It is the Lord who calls us, for without His call, we wander in the desert of life. He knows those who are His and what needs to happen in order for His will to be accomplished. We think we know all we need to know and go about our business, but only the Lord knows where it will all lead. Heed His call that you may be chosen, for He wants none to perish.

Lord, I arrogantly walk the way I walk and do as I do without thinking that I do not know as You know. You do what You do and this world cries unfair. Unfair is that You died for us. Unfair is that Christ was murdered. It is not about fairness, but what You will accomplish in this creation of Yours. Help me to humbly submit to You knowing that You alone are the One who gives life.

Lord Jesus, I need what You alone are able to give. Guide me, O Lord, in the way You would have me go and then help me to walk humbly alongside You now and always. Lead me along Your paths of righteousness, for there are no others that avail, knowing that You have called me to walk with You and learn from You. Thank You for doing what You have for all who believe. Amen.