Devotion for Thursday, February 15, 2018

“For they have persecuted him whom You Yourself have smitten, and they tell of the pain of those whom You have wounded. Add iniquity to their iniquity, and may they not come into Your righteousness.” (Psalm 69:26-27)

How much are we able to handle before we break? We experience what we experience and some seem to have more than they could handle. The lament goes out to keep us from the breaking point. Yet, is not God, God? Will He not do whatever it takes for those whom He loves? Yes, turn to the Lord no matter the circumstances and see that He is good. Know the Lord’s righteousness.

Lord, I see the human struggle, first in myself and then in others. Help me learn from such insights that You give in order that I not be anxious no matter what the day brings. Lead me in Your way of righteousness to do those things that are fitting for Your kingdom. Do not add to the burden upon me, but help me carry my portion according to Your grace. Hinder not any from seeing who ought to see.

Lord Jesus, Light that shines in the darkness, guide me through the dark alleys of this world. Lead me to learn from You how to graciously handle whatever may come knowing that in You alone is my hope and future. Teach me Your ways, O Lord, and then empower me to walk in them that I may be guided by Your Spirit. You alone are good, LORD, in a world filled with evil. Amen.