Devotion for Thursday, September 27, 2018

“For the Lord is a great God and a great King above all gods, in whose hand are the depths of the earth, the peaks of the mountains are His also.”  (Psalm 95:3-4)


Kings of the earth come and go.  Leaders in every nation come and go.  The Lord is forever.  He who made You knows all things and has laid out the course for those who will walk in His ways.  Because all things are in His hands, you need fear nothing, for He is with You always even to the end of the age.  Everything belongs to Him, for it is He who made all things.

Lord, teach me the elemental truths that I may not kick against them, and walk the tried and failed way of thinking that there is any other way to live this life.  Lead me, O Lord, in the way You would have me go that I may now and always walk in Your sight.  You are the One who made all things and they are Yours.  With this in my heart, teach me how to live a life of praise and thanksgiving.

Holy Spirit, nurture my heart in the things You have taught me.  Guide me according to the principles I have already learned to live in a way that is pleasing to the Father.  Help me now and always to see through the distractions of this age to abide in the truth of Your presence.  Everything I have and that I am is Yours.  Guide me this day in a life that gives as You give.  Amen.

Devotion for Tuesday, January 23, 2018

“When you lie down among the sheepfolds, You are like the wings of a dove covered with silver, and its pinions with glistening gold.  When the Almighty scattered the kings there, it was snowing in Zalmon.”  (Psalm 68:13-14)

Events in history remind us of the mighty fall.  We are like sheep and lie down in a particular fold and regardless of where we are, we are under the eye of the King of all kings.  The Almighty does scatter the proud and boastful.  He humbles those who ravage His sheep.  The Lord knows the coming and going of all and it is in His hands.  Come then into the presence of the King.

Lord, I see it in history when the mighty tyrants seem to have everything under their dominion but they come to naught.  Guide me to always keep the perspective of truth where I see how these mad things spoken and done in the moment amount to nothing.  Keep me from being caught up in the ongoing insanity of this world knowing that all things are in Your hands, O Lord.

Lord Jesus, how sad it must have been for You to have looked at the proud and arrogant as they threatened You.  You through whom all things have their being looked into the eyes of those who hated You and threatened You and You met them with love.  Guide me in Your ways, O Lord, that I would walk in the love You teach me, knowing that all things always have been in Your hands.  Amen.

Devotion for Monday, January 22, 2018

“The Lord gives the command; the women who proclaim the good tidings are a great host: “Kings of armies flee, they flee, and she who remains at home will divide the spoil!”  (Psalm 68:11-12)

The Lord is in control.  The Lord will not be thwarted.  For a time, the enemies of the Lord may seem to prevail, but their days are numbered.  The Lord creates all days, they are His and He will bless whom He will bless.  The one who remains in the House of the Lord will be forever blessed.  Come then into the Lord’s protection and rest in the One who is Lord and King.

Lord, this world is in constant turmoil.  I see so many things and hear so many more about this and that.  The world tries to convince me that You have no power.  For a time they seem to prevail, but I know their day is coming with wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Help me, O Lord, to remain in Your house and hold true to what You have taught me.  Guide me, Lord, in the way I should go today and every day.

Lord Jesus, you are the King who has come and conquered death.  I am the woman who divides the spoil.  Your enemies flee before You.  In this world I do not see this as Your enemies rail all around.  Bring my eyes to see and my ears to hear the simple truth that You are King of kings and that all things are in Your hands, including me.  Lead me today, O Lord, to follow where You lead.  Amen.