One Way to Reach Our Youth

Have you ever wondered what good it does to “like” something you read on social media?

Lutheran CORE mostly posts information, such as newsletter articles, devotions, and prayers, while others may post about their children or pets. We don’t see everything everyone posts and they don’t see everything CORE posts either. It turns out that each social medium platform (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are examples) uses math to decide who sees what.

So how do we reach people, especially our youth, who don’t already know about us? It turns out that each platform uses social signals (likes, comments and shares) in deciding what is popular and important. The mathematical formula tracks the social signals and the people doing the social signaling. It also tracks the posters’ friends and their interests.

Why? Because the platform tries to decide whether each post is of general interest or just of interest to your little corner of the Internet. It also considers whether people in other places are interested in the topic. Like it or not, you won’t see a post unless the platform’s math formula decides that it is right for you. To quote Big Commerce [emphasis added], “Increased social signals indicate good domain authority and demonstrate a URL’s value. When large numbers of users share and like a page, it indicates that the page is genuine and contains substantive or entertaining content.” (BigCommerce)

Most of you are probably aware of Facebook or Twitter at this point, but what about Instagram? Instagram is a social media platform that emphasizes photo and video sharing and, more importantly, lots of young adults and high school students use it.

If we want to combat the secular world by making it possible for our children and grandchildren to read our posts, then we need to use the apps they use, write the way they absorb information, and do all we can to let the various platforms know that our posts are worth reading.

How do we do that? In a nutshell, we start by creating accounts for each of the major social media platforms. We then need to increase the popularity of a page and its posts by liking / following the posts, and by occasionally sharing them or writing substantial comments. We may get flagged as spam if we only write generic comments such as “Awesome post!”

Even better than being a one-man band is to get a small team doing these things regularly! Maybe your bible study or young adult group would accept the challenge. Children and youth may be hesitant to share a post, but they may be very willing to “like” a post.  That helps too.

Lutheran CORE began publishing to Instagram on February 17th, 2022. We currently have 17 Instagram followers. How many will we have two months from now when our May issue is released? It could literally be hundreds if our dedicated readers create an Instagram account and start to like, share, comment, and follow our posts.

Screenshot of Lutheran CORE’s Instagram page.

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Jesus said, “Go!” and this is one practical way you may help reach the lost and looking.