Devotion for Tuesday, February 6, 2018

‘I have become estranged from my brothers and an alien to my mother’s sons. For zeal for Your house has consumed me, and the reproaches of those who reproach You have fallen on me.” (Psalm 69:8-9)

What is the passion of your life? What do you think about when you meditate? What motivates you to move and have your being? We can think religion a once-a-week thing, in which case, it is just one of the many things we do. Or we can realize that the Creator of all has invited us into His everlasting presence to stand before His majesty in awe and wonder.

Lord, I do get caught up in a world of my own making, which is imaginary and unreal. I can also see clearly that You have called me into reality. Lead me, O Lord, into the life You offer me that I would walk in those ways which are pleasing to You. Help me now and always to seek the Truth which You have revealed and live into the hope You promise those who believe.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for making the way possible to come into the Father’s eternal presence. Strip away those things that hinder me from living the life You give and the distractions that occupy my mind. Help me now and always to hold fast to You as You lead me where You know I need to go. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for sanctifying us one day at a time. Amen.