Devotion for Saturday, December 2, 2017

“My God in His lovingkindness will meet me; God will let me look triumphantly upon my foes.  Do not slay them, or my people will forget; scatter them by Your power, and bring them down, O Lord, our shield.”  (Psalm 59:10-11)

The Lord meets us.  People pursue the Lord, but cannot on their terms.  He comes and meets us, for His name is salvation.  Do not pursue the way of the wicked, but come to the Lord who invites and desires that You would come to Him.  Let the Lord lead you in all of your ways and He will give you rest.  Be guided by His goodness and know that He knows you and loves you.

Lord, I am carried away and enticed by the sinful ways of this world to have vengeance. But vengeance is Yours alone. Guide me in the way You have established that I would now and forever be guided by Your goodness.  Help me in every time of trouble to see that You alone are Lord and only in You is there a future.  Lead me, O Lord, that I would be led by Your salvation knowing that only in You is there hope.

Lord Jesus, Your name means salvation, come and take my hand this day that I may be led by You wherever You take me.  Help me now and always to see in You the hope of glory and the way of forever.  Guide me to walk in Your ways and flee from the temptations of this world.  Help me in every time of difficulty to look to You first and follow in the way You lead now and always.  Amen.