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This page contains orthodox resources (mainly) for seminarians.

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ResourcesSeminariansYoung TimothyPrevailing Against the Gates
September 14, 2023

Prevailing Against the Gates

“Alderaan? I'm not going to Alderaan. I've got to get home. It's late. I'm in for it as it is.” Name that movie.  Name that scene.  Anyone with even a…
ResourcesSeminariansChurches Without Property
September 14, 2023

Churches Without Property

In 1998, I moved with my wife and my 3 year old son to Pembroke Pines, Florida.  I was sent there to start a new congregation in an area of…
ResourcesSeminariansOn Christian Nationalism
September 14, 2023

On Christian Nationalism

Santino Burrola recorded a video and posted it to TikTok.  He was fired from his job at a grocery store for the offense.  What did he do wrong?  Inappropriately filming…
SeminariansYoung TimothySevered Foot Faith?
September 14, 2023

Severed Foot Faith?

Choices, choices and AdChoices. Our hyper-consumer culture overwhelms us with all the choices we can make to please our whims. For all the hyper-individually focused advertising that is pushed at…
SeminariansOnce You Know the Makeup, You Know the Outcome
September 14, 2023

Once You Know the Makeup, You Know the Outcome

If there ever will be a time when that old adage will be proven true, it will be with the ELCA’s thirty-five-member Commission for a Renewed Lutheran Church. This commission…
SeminariansYoung Timothy“Here Am I. Send Me!”
July 18, 2023

“Here Am I. Send Me!”

Of all the voices in the world calling you to be this or do that with your life, how will you discern God’s call? While God calls persons into full…
SeminariansCaring Christian Faith Communities: Needed Now More Than Ever
July 18, 2023

Caring Christian Faith Communities: Needed Now More Than Ever

As Americans we are living in a time of increasing emotional despair.  And this crisis presents the Body of Christ with tremendous challenges as local churches consider how they might…
SeminariansYoung TimothyDead Faith
July 18, 2023

Dead Faith

Don’t play with dead fish! Mom said don’t bring it home thinking we’ll eat it! A dead fish is useless and worthless. What are we to do with dead faith?…
SeminariansThe Creeds Don’t “Sparkle”
July 18, 2023

The Creeds Don’t “Sparkle”

Note from our Executive Director: Many thanks to Kevin Haug, ELCA pastor in Texas, for his article about the Sparkle creed.  This so-called "creed" has received a lot of attention…
SeminariansYoung TimothyYou Do-I Watch: A Hard Lesson in Fully Releasing the Next Generation into Mission
March 13, 2023

You Do-I Watch: A Hard Lesson in Fully Releasing the Next Generation into Mission

Editor's note: River’s Edge Ministry (REM), located in Mt. Airy, MD, traveled to Pine Island, FL in January as part of Cross Country Mission (CCM) 2023. Pine Island was devastated…
SeminariansHow Your Congregation Can Identify, Enlist and Train Part-time Lay Ministers
March 13, 2023

How Your Congregation Can Identify, Enlist and Train Part-time Lay Ministers

Note:  "This is a ministry resource article for churches that might be interested in the new upcoming CORE ministry called the Congregational Lay-leadership Initiative (CLI). The article below offers a…
SeminariansYoung TimothyThe Awaken Project Offers a Gap Year Program
March 13, 2023

The Awaken Project Offers a Gap Year Program

Introduction by Dennis D. Nelson: In this issue we will be featuring The Awaken Project (TAP), a nonprofit organization housed on the campus of Mount Carmel Ministries in Alexandria, Minnesota.…
SeminariansYoung TimothyResisting God’s Call
March 13, 2023

Resisting God’s Call

When God calls a person to a specific task or ministry, resistance is often the first response of the called. Jeremiah claimed that he was too young. Gideon feared he…
SeminariansFeed My Sheep
March 13, 2023

Feed My Sheep

I have appreciated Don Brandt’s wisdom and leadership in Lutheran renewal through the years, and I welcomed his article in last month’s CORE Voice. He accurately diagnoses the biggest single…
SeminariansGlobal Lutheran House of Studies
January 12, 2023

Global Lutheran House of Studies

Rev. Dr. Richard Blue, Jr. As the Directors of the Global Lutheran House of Studies at United Theological Seminary (UTS) in Dayton, Ohio (established in 1871), we are honored to…
SeminariansYoung TimothyThe Potency of Missional Engagement
January 12, 2023

The Potency of Missional Engagement

Dear Friends— A most happy and blessed New Year to you and yours. No doubt, many of us reading this article can readily receive such a greeting; but, for some,…
SeminariansYoung TimothyBetter Call Saul: Discernment at Damascus
January 12, 2023

Better Call Saul: Discernment at Damascus

Pr. Jeff Morlock Ananias (not Sapphira's husband, but the other Ananias) is an obscure figure in the New Testament. He appears only twice, for a total of eight verses. Yet…
SeminariansYoung TimothyThe Need for More Lay-led Lutheran Congregations
January 12, 2023

The Need for More Lay-led Lutheran Congregations

It has, for decades, been an incredibly unfair reality faced by smaller rural and inner-city congregations.  In a denomination that has traditionally insisted that viable, healthy congregations must be led…
SeminariansYoung TimothyIntroducing Faith GreenHouse
January 12, 2023

Introducing Faith GreenHouse

Pr. Dave Wollan More than an internship, a community for leadership formation! Faith Lutheran Church, in Hutchinson, MN, is excited to be launching a new initiative to address the need…
SeminariansVideo Ministry – January 2023
January 12, 2023

Video Ministry – January 2023

Here is a link to our You Tube channel.  In the top row you will find both our Video Book Reviews as well as our CORE Convictions Videos on various…
SeminariansYoung TimothyEvery Samuel Needs an Eli
November 14, 2022

Every Samuel Needs an Eli

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” It's a question that youth have been asked since they graduated kindergarten. But in high school, the question becomes a…
SeminariansThe Value of Internship
November 14, 2022

The Value of Internship

Over a decade ago I had the pleasure and privilege of being on internship. Internship proved to be a pivotal time in which I figured out – with God’s help…
SeminariansYoung TimothyDoes Doctrine Matter?
November 14, 2022

Does Doctrine Matter?

Does doctrine matter?  That is a question that has been asked again and again in the Church.  Sometimes, the question is asked because doctrine seems so dry and boring.  It…
SeminariansYoung TimothyNo Acceptance of Confessional Faith at My ELCA Seminary
September 12, 2022

No Acceptance of Confessional Faith at My ELCA Seminary

Note from CORE's Executive Director: Many thanks to a seminarian, who wishes to remain anonymous, for writing about what it was like to attend an ELCA seminary.  Students considering enrolling…
SeminariansYoung TimothyA Note from a College Missionary in Italy
July 12, 2022

A Note from a College Missionary in Italy

“Ciao! I’m Jackson. I’m from the United States. What’s your name?” This is the gist of how I started conversations during my time in Italy this past May and June.…
SeminariansYoung TimothyNEXUS 2022: Train Them the Way They Should Go
July 12, 2022

NEXUS 2022: Train Them the Way They Should Go

King Solomon was blessed in many ways with the wisdom the Lord had given him. He asked for wisdom (1 Kings 3:9) and he received it. We must hastily add,…
ResourcesSeminariansThe ABC’s of Lutheranism Video Series
July 12, 2022

The ABC’s of Lutheranism Video Series

Wanting to expand our video ministry and increase the number and scope of resources that we offer, we are now developing another series of videos which will answer the question,…
ResourcesSeminariansWeekly Bible Studies on the Lectionary Readings
May 11, 2022

Weekly Bible Studies on the Lectionary Readings

One of the goals and purposes of Lutheran CORE is to provide resources for confessing Lutherans.  On our website we have daily devotionals as well as suggestions for hymns, Scriptures,…
SeminariansYoung TimothyDid Jesus Die For Our Sins?
May 11, 2022

Did Jesus Die For Our Sins?

I am very grateful for all the people who expressed deep concern over the movement I described in my April letter from the director to “cancel” the Gospel of John…
Other CommunicationsSeminariansYoung TimothyThe Lord’s Prayer at HerChurch
January 18, 2022

The Lord’s Prayer at HerChurch

A friend of Lutheran CORE has written a side-by-side, phrase-by-phrase comparison of every phrase in the Lord’s Prayer as used by Ebenezer HerChurch with the version of the Lord’s Prayer as translated…
SeminariansYoung TimothyHow Did It Happen? The ELCA and Community Organizing – Part One
January 12, 2022

How Did It Happen? The ELCA and Community Organizing – Part One

Introduction A question I am often asked by people is this – How did it happen?  How did LGBTQ+ values, priorities, and agenda completely take over the ELCA, and so…
ResourcesSeminariansVideo Book Reviews
November 12, 2020

Video Book Reviews

Recently I was talking with an ELCA seminarian who was saying how much he wished that there was a list of Biblically and confessionally faithful books and other resources.  I…
SeminariansEmpowered Laity
October 13, 2020

Empowered Laity

The board of Lutheran CORE recognizes Empowered Laity as one discipling resource that Lutheran congregations may wish to try. It has the potential of helping everyone realize their potential to…
SeminariansDon’t Be Led Astray:
July 10, 2020

Don’t Be Led Astray:

A RESPONSE TO AND EVALUATION OF RECONCILING SCRIPTURE FOR LUTHERANS Reconciling Scripture for Lutherans: Sexuality and Gender Identity is a booklet distributed by ReconcilingWorks to give a Biblical basis for…
SeminariansReview of Queer Eye, Season 5, Episode 1
July 3, 2020

Review of Queer Eye, Season 5, Episode 1

Season 5 of the Netflix series Queer Eye was released on June 5, 2020.  Episode 1 features a number of ELCA pastors, including the Rev. Noah Hepler, who needed help…
June 30, 2020


1517 ( “We create and distribute theological and apologetic resources anchored in the central message of the Bible: that Christ died for sinners and rose for their justification. Through the…
June 30, 2020


American Lutheran Publicity Bureau ( Established in 1914.  An independent, non-profit organization that is linked by faith and confession to the Church it serves. Committed to an understanding of the…
June 30, 2020


Lutheran Study Bible (Concordia)   The first Bible in English to be developed with notes that are distinctively Lutheran. Notes were prepared by theologians and pastors from more than twenty…
June 30, 2020


Keller, Timothy.  Anything. Videos on various subjects by the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City and chairman and co-founder of Redeemer City to City, a movement…
June 30, 2020


Aulen, Gustaf.  Faith of the Christian Church. An eminently accessible work by an ecumenical giant of the 20th century.  Aulen was a distinguished professor of theology before becoming the bishop…