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Scripture Lessons

Isaiah 64:1-9 (tear open heavens and come; we are clay; do not be angry forever)

Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19 (stir up your might and come; do not be angry forever)

1 Corinthians 1:3-9 (God strengths you; wait for Christ to be revealed)

Mark 13:24-37 (stay alert; lesson of fig tree; parable: master comes unexpectedly)

OR Mark 11:1-10 (Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey)


Opening hymn: LBW #33, The King Shall Come (LSB #348; ELW #260)

Or my “Advent hymn” based on the Gloria in Excelsis, sung to the same tune)

With glory bright and heavenly peace, come quickly, Lord, again.

With judgment true the earth renew; the gates of life unpen.

God, Father, glory gilds your name; we worship and adore,

We bless and praise, our thanks we raise; your mercy we implore.

O glorious Sun of righteousness, bring healing on your wing.

By your dear grace, reveal your face, unbar our hearts to sing:

Sing, “Glory be to you, O Lord; to you, O Christ, be praise,

God’s Lamb of love from heav’n above, Redeemer of our race.”

Most glorious Spirit, Holy Lord, conform us to the Son,

To rightly praise through all our days what he for us has done.

O glory to the Father, Son, and Spirit ever be!

God, bring your life amidst our strife; Lord Jesus, come quickly.

Hymn of the Day: #23, O Lord, How Shall I Meet You (LSB #355, ELW #241)

(if the tune is unfamiliar, use the tune for “All Glory, Laud and Honor,”

especially if the Palm Sunday processional gospel is used today.

However, the words are also great for Isaiah text and Psalm)

OR LBW #34, O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (LSB #357, ELW #257)

Communion Hymn #1: LBW #30, Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus

(LSB #338, ELW #254)

Communion Hymn #2: WOV #627, My Lord, What a Morning

(LSB #986, ELW #438)

Closing Hymn: LBW #28, Savior of the Nations, Come (LSB #332, ELW #263)