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“ . . . so that through the church the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known.” (Ephesians 3:10)

Christ Jesus, the wisdom of God: how manifold, indeed!  In Him, the creation itself shines in a new light: first, the light of God’s profound generosity (that He who lacks nothing should create anything at all!), and second, the light of our own purpose, that we (with all creation!) were created through Him and for Him.   Yet there is still more.

Faith in this wisdom, such faith as cherishes and adores Him, renews our minds.  Do you want to be broad-minded without being thick-headed?  Follow the Lord who so loved the world that He gave His life for it, even bore its sin.  Such wisdom teaches us to love in kind, with consideration for sin and its consequences, yet with the hope of forgiveness and a new life—and there is still more!

For if God created this manifold creation in its wonder, and then more wonderfully redeemed it, what shall the new creation be, the home of righteousness?  What wisdom have we not yet known—or as Jonathon Edwards put it, what colors have we not yet seen, and what sounds have we not yet heard?  Winter may be a time for dreaming, but Christmas and Epiphany—they are a time for wonder, and for praising God in His manifold wisdom.

LET US PRAY: Your wisdom transcends all things, O Lord, and yet marvelously upholds them, even as Your Son graciously dwells among His Church and nourishes it with His own body and blood.  Accept my praise and thanksgiving, O God, and renew me in Your light; through the Light of the world, Jesus Christ.  Amen

Pastor Steven K. Gjerde

Zion, Wausau

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