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For I was envious of the arrogant as I saw the prosperity of the wicked. For there are no pains in their death, and their body is fat.” (Psalm 73:3-4)

The wicked sometimes seem to prosper, but those are mere appearances. What is prosperity? Is it wealth gained with wrong motive and selling of the soul? Seek the way of the Lord. He will take you and make in you the image of Christ; for this is true prosperity. Do not envy the proud or the ones who seem to prosper. Look to the Lord and be content in what He provides, knowing that in Him is goodness.

Lord, you command me not to covet, but I do. I look around and see those who have what I do not. Guide my heart to be content with what You have given me, knowing that only in You is there joy and contentment. Lead me, O Lord, in the way You would have me go and guide me according to Your perfect goodness to be thankful for all that You have given me.

Lord Jesus, You showed indifference to the things of this world and instead took in the joy of each day. Guide me by Your example to walk as You walk and not to be excited about what tomorrow will bring. Lead me in the way of righteousness that I may walk humbly in the Father’s sight and do what You give me to do each and every day for the Father’s glory. Amen.