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“There He broke the flaming arrows, the shield and the sword and the weapons of war.  You are resplendent, more majestic than the mountains of prey.”  (Psalm 76:3-4)

To whom shall the Lord be compared? There is nothing that can compare to the splendor of the Lord. Above the highest mountains, more powerful than all the mighty men, the Lord is above all things. His hands are those which shaped all things and He holds all things together.

There are terrors of this world, O Lord, which come against Your faithful. They rail, but none are able to stand against You. For a night and no more, but then morning comes; You breathe a word and they come to naught. Guide me, O Lord, to not tremble at those who are in this world, but at You, the One who made all worlds. Guide me by Your light and Your life that I would forever hold fast to You.

Lord Jesus, God who has come, lead me, lead us, lead Your faithful to walk humbly through every valley of the shadow of death that we would be with You knowing that You have already overcome death and the devil. Guide me to sing Your praises and walk humbly before the Father forever, for in You, in Trinity, is hope, life and eternity. You are worthy of being praised now and forever. Amen.