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“My voice rises to God, and I will cry aloud; my voice rises to God, and He will hear me. In the day of my trouble I sought the Lord; in the night my hand was stretched out without weariness; My soul refused to be comforted.” (Psalm 77:1-2)

The Lord hears every cry from the heart. He knows what will happen. Come to the Lord, lift up your voice and know that He hears you. In times of trouble, come to the Lord. In times that are good, give Him praise. In all things, place the Lord in the center, for He is the One who holds all things together. Know that it is the Lord who goes before You and that He who knows watches over you.

Lord, I sometimes feel alone, but these are only feelings. Guide me, O Lord, to walk with You knowing that You know the days of my life as a book that is already written. Help me now and always and in all seasons to lift my eyes up to You, for You are the help of all people. Lead me into Your presence and guide my heart to know that only in You is there life and joy.

Lord Jesus, You demonstrated to us how to pray without ceasing and to come before the Father’s presence. You have told us that a sparrow does not fall to the ground that the Father does not know about. Turn my life around that I would live into the promise You give by grace and know from the inside out that in every time, You are there and have plans for whatever may come. Amen.