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“But He led forth His own people like sheep and guided them in the wilderness like a flock; He led them safely, so that they did not fear; but the sea engulfed their enemies.” (Psalm 78:52-53)

The Lord watches over your going out and your coming in. He who knows all things, knows what is before you. He will not let your foot be dashed against a stone. Do not fear the tyrants of this age, but the One who loves with a pure love and offers to His people eternal reconciliation. Come then into the presence of the Lord and know that He who is good will lead you always.

Lord, I am often immature in how I see things and do not think about the reality of all people everywhere, each in their stage of rebellion. Guide me, O Lord, to walk humbly with You all the days of my life knowing that only You can lead me in safety. Help me see Your hand upon my life and the truth that You are always with me and before me guiding me in all of my ways.

Lord Jesus, You taught over and over again the truth of Your eternal presence and purpose. Help me now and always to stand firm in the truth of Your love that I would walk in Your ways and learn from You the way life is to be lived. Lead me in the grace You grant to be humble and faithful in all things as You prepare me to be whom You have always meant me to be. Amen.