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“He also delivered His people to the sword, and was filled with wrath at His inheritance. Fire devoured His young men, and His virgins had no wedding songs.” (Psalm 78:62-63).

The people rebel and the Lord withholds His hand of mercy and those who have wanted wickedness receive it. Why is it the Lord is blamed when He does not do what others want? It is not that He causes the wickedness, but that rebellious hearts are drawn toward the wickedness of this age. Come out from the way of the world to see that only in the Lord is there true peace and mercy.

Lord, there are times when I receive what was caused by others. There are times when I have been exempt from others’ wickedness. Guide me, O Lord, in the way You would have me go that no matter what comes, I would see Your hand of grace and mercy upon my life. In all things, may I look humbly and simply to You as the source of all goodness and kindness knowing that these things are not in the world except by Your hand.

Lord Jesus, You are the incarnation of grace and mercy. Lift me up in Your grace that I would now and always live in the truth You have revealed. Help me see the truth of Your grace and live it fully in every moment of my days. Guide me to hold fast to the truth You have delivered once for all that in You alone is the hope of all ages. We need to be saved from ourselves, Jesus. Amen.

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