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“His priests fell by the sword, and His widows could not weep. Then the Lord awoke as if from sleep, like a warrior overcome by wine.” (Psalm 78:64-65)

What does it take to rouse the Lord? He sees all, so He knows. There is a time when the people look to Him and then they realize He is there. Why do we test and try the Lord? Why do we not humbly come to Him that we may know that it is He who made the heavens and the earth? The Lord is Sovereign and He seeks those who will humbly come and know that He is the One who saves.

Lord, awaken me to see clearly that You have always been there and all things are in Your view. Awaken my heart to seek those things which are pleasing to You that I may abide in Your presence forever. Lead me away from the deadness of this world that I may know the goodness of Your Sovereignty. Lead me, O Lord, into Your ways forever that I may abide in You now and always.

Lord Jesus, You have taught us that You are the way of everlasting life. You have called for us to follow You and go where You lead. Grant me a new heart that would follow in the life You give, going the way You lead in the truth You have revealed. Lead me, O Lord, into the life for which You died that I may abide in You as You abide in me. Guide me now and always, Lord Jesus. Amen.

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