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“He will cry to Me, ‘You are my Father, my God, and the rock of my salvation.’ “I also shall make him My firstborn, the highest of the kings of the earth.” (Psalm 89:26-27)


The word of the Lord speaks the truth of Jesus. He who is the only begotten has come and leads the way as the first born among many brethren. Did He not teach us to pray, “Our Father?”  Is He not the One who has made grace and salvation possible? See how all of Scripture speaks of Jesus and the salvation He has brought into the world.  By grace through faith we see the prophecy of Jesus.

Lord, help me to see clearly that You have fulfilled what You spoke long before it came to pass. Guide my heart to receive the good news of great joy that You have come into the world to follow in the salvation You prepared before the foundation of the world. Lift me up with You to be with You now and forever that I may walk in the goodness of your provision and mercy.

Lord Jesus, You are the fulfillment of prophecy. Scripture speaks of You and the salvation You have brought that all who believe might be forever united with You, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Guide me O Lord in the way of salvation You have prepared that I may walk with You today and forever. By faith you have called me and in grace You have paved the way that I may walk with You now and forever. Amen.