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“They performed His wondrous acts among them, and miracles in the land of Ham. He sent darkness and made it dark; and they did not rebel against His words.” (Psalm 105:27-28)


When the Lord raises up His servants, they seem to defy what we might expect. That is because it is the Lord who is making a correction for His plans to prevail. The wicked one wants death and destruction. The Lord brings life. Come into the presence of the Lord and trust in His goodness and mercy knowing that He will prevail. His will shall be done on earth as in heaven.

Lord, in times of trouble, guide my mind to see clearly that all things are possible with You. That does not mean You will do what I anticipate, but it does mean that You hold all history in Your hand. Lead me to trust in You and not in the circumstances in which I find myself. Help me through every time of trouble to be a person of faith knowing that Your will is eternal.

Lord Jesus, You had Your share of difficulty in this world. Keep me from thinking that I will be exempt from difficulty. Lead my heart to trust in You above all things knowing that in You is the hope and future for all who believe. Lead me this day to tackle those things You give me to do and to be kind to those around me that I may demonstrate by my attitude of gratitude my trust in You. Amen.