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“He turned their waters into blood and caused their fish to die. Their land swarmed with frogs even in the chambers of their kings.” (Psalm 105:29-30)


The world scoffs at the Lord and mocks Him. The Lord God who created all things holds everything in His hands. For a time He allows those who mock Him to live, but what is a few years compared to eternity? Yes, even the events of weather are in His hands. The just and unjust are affected. Rather than ponder these things from the outside, come in and ponder them with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Lord, this world promotes my being skeptical and doubtful – even while telling me that to ponder things from Your perspective is the opposite of what it is. Guide me, O Lord, in the way of truth that I would forever hold fast to Your Word of truth. Lead me, O Lord, in Your way that I may now and forever abide in You as You abide in me. Guide me according to Your everlasting goodness.

Come, Holy Spirit, and lead me through the pablum of this age. Help me now and always to see in You the hope of glory that I may now and always abide in You as You abide in me. Help me sift through all of the garbage of this world to realize that Your Word has always been and always will be true. Guide me into Your wisdom that I may understand from You how to live in this age, preparing for what is to come. Amen.