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“He struck down their vines also and their fig trees, and shattered the trees of their territory. He spoke, and locusts came, and young locusts, even without number, and ate up all vegetation in their land, and ate up the fruit of their ground.” (Psalm 105:33-35)


As wisdom teaches, the times and seasons are in God’s hands. He does provide, but He also takes away. Do not fear your circumstances, but the One in whose hands are all circumstances. Know that the God of creation is with all who come to Him and submit to His love and authority. He causes the grain to grow and takes it away in His time. Know that He will provide all that is needed.

Lord, I am so conditional in my life of faith. I place too much emphasis upon circumstance and not enough upon the truth that You are God. Lord, Help me see that only in You is there hope and a future. Only in You can I abide safely. In season and out of season, help me, Lord, to trust in You, for You alone govern all that exists. Apart from You is nothingness and no meaning. In You all things have their being.

Lord Jesus, You have taught us that only in You is there hope and a future. As I look back and see the martyrs, it causes me fear. What do I have to fear if You are with me? Guide me in the way of truth that no matter what may come in this life, there is nothing in all of creation that is able to separate us from the love You have given us by grace and lived through faith. Amen.

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