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“For He remembered His holy word with Abraham His servant; and He brought forth His people with joy, His chosen ones with a joyful shout.” (Psalm 105:42-43)


The Lord leads those who look to Him and they rejoice. Look to the Lord and know that His goodness shines through all things in this age. What we call good or bad pale when compared to the inexpressible joy and peace of the Lord which is a gift of grace to all who believe. The Lord has given His promises according to His will and according to His perfect plan. Come as one who believes; taste and see that He is good.

Holy Spirit, You know the depths of my heart and those places where I waver and do not trust. You know when I see circumstances contrary to my will; and that my faith is based more upon what I experience than the truth that You are with me always. As You led Abraham toward the promised land, lead me that I may now and always walk humbly under Your guidance and see more clearly the truth of eternity.

Lord Jesus, You know the way I need to go. You have provided that way; help me now to follow in the path You created. Guide me to rejoice in each day’s gift of life and to be one who thus rejoices by knowing that I am in Your eternal plans. Lead me today to be one who has joy in the truth, and lifts You up as the One in whom I trust. May I now and always abide in the faith You give. Amen.