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“They also provoked Him to wrath at the waters of Meribah, so that it went hard with Moses on their account; because they were rebellious against His Spirit, He spoke rashly with his lips.” (Psalm 106:32-33)

This world is filled with contention. People speak and then, perhaps, they may think. The Lord, who knows all things, knows what is in the heart of man. It is corrupt, but the Lord knows it. Come into His presence and know that He who knows you, knows all that is needed. Be guided by His purpose and presence and live into the life to which You have been called by His Spirit.

Lord, many voices speak and I am often led astray by a smooth tongue. Guide me, O Lord, to understand that You, the giver of life, are the only One who can speak the Word of life. Open my ears to listen first to Your Word, then speak. Keep me from being like the world which speaks first and then listens. Help me through all of the noise to clearly hear Your Word of truth.

Word Incarnate, who has come down to the aide of Your people, speak to me that I may speak truth. Fill my mind with the truth of the ages that I may now and always think upon the truth of the Word You have spoken. May I be found this day meditating upon Your Word knowing that You have the Word of life, and there is nowhere nor no one else we can go to in order to receive what You alone can give. Amen.