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“Also He blesses them and they multiply greatly, and He does not let their cattle decrease. When they are diminished and bowed down through oppression, misery and sorrow, He pours contempt upon princes and makes them wander in a pathless waste.” (Psalm 107:38-40)

What is the root of the blessedness that we have experienced in this age? Is it just the hard work of those who toiled that we may have an abundance? Has not the Lord caused the land to prosper? Have not the rains come at the right time and the growth been bountiful? Do not be deceived, it is the Lord who is Sovereign over all that He has made. He gives blessing for His purpose.

Lord, lift my head out of the sand that I may see the simple string of events that have unfolded in this age. Lead me to see that of course it is Your hand that brings blessings. You alone are able to make the seed grow. Lead my heart to give You praise in season and out of season. Help me to live according to Your never-failing Word of truth that I may prove to be Your disciple.

Lord Jesus, You have called for us to follow You always. Help me now and forevermore to walk with You in the lead that I may see things as they are and not as I imagine them to be. Help me live according to the Word You have spoken that I may grow in wisdom and understanding. Lift my eyes to the hills from whence my help comes, for You are the One through whom all things have their being. Amen.