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Lessons and Hymn Suggestions, Ash Wednesday – Easter Sunday, Cycle C

March 6, 2019 – April 22, 2019

NOTE: LBW – Lutheran Book of Worship (The Green Book)

WOV – With One Voice (The Blue Book)

LSB – Lutheran Service Book (The Maroon Book)

ELW – Evangelical Lutheran Worship (The Cranberry Book)

There are versions of some hymns that are superior in LSB and I recommend using them if possible. Also, there are some superb hymns in LSB that aren’t available in the other hymnals. When I suggest one of the latter, I try to include an alternative from LBW or WOV. I recommend that a license and DVD of downloadable hymns from LSB be purchased if you are looking to expand your hymnody. There are, in ELW, some familiar hymns that have been drastically altered, which I try to note. ELW also has some fine hymns not available in the other hymnals, or has, interestingly, a more “traditional” translation or harmonization.

Color for the day is indicated for each Sunday. Primary liturgical calendar taken from Sola Publishing (, based on LSB. Also, I include the lessons from the standard Revised Common Lectionary (RCL) found in ELW and used in some congregations. It often overlaps the Sola/LCMS calendar lectionary, but when there are differences, I will note them.


Wednesday, March 6, 2019: Ash Wednesday

Joel 2:12-19 (return to the Lord with all your heart; sanctify a fast)

Psalm 51 (wash me from my sins; put a right spirit within me)

 2 Corinthians 5:20b-6:10 (be reconciled with God; don’t let his grace be in vain; we have

            suffered for your sake

Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21(fast, pray, give alms, but don’t show them off before others)

Opening Hymn: None; Psalm 51 is spoken or chanted; 

OR LBW #99, O Lord, Throughout These Forty Days (ELW #319, LSB #418)

Hymn of the Day: LBW #295, Out of the Depths I Cry to You (ELW #600)

                        (LSB #607. From Depths of Woe I Cry To You: different translation)

Communion Hymn #1: LBW #304, Today Your Mercy Calls Us (LSB #915)

OR ELW #323, God Loved the World So That He Gave (tune is Rockingham Old – “When I

Survey the Wondrous Cross)

Communion Hymn #2: LBW #302, Jesus, Your Blood and Righteousness

                        (LSB #563, Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness)

            OR ELW #483, Here is Bread

Closing Hymn: LBW #309, Lord Jesus, Think on Me (ELW #599; LSB #610)

OR ELW #320, The Glory of These Forty Days (tune is “Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in

                        Your Word”; words attr. To Luther, very nice) (WOV #657)


March 10, 2019: 1st Sunday in Lent

Deuteronomy 26:1-11 (creedal confession when giving first fruit)

Psalm 91:1-13(God will shield his Righteous One; angels will bear him up)

Romans 10:8b-13 (whether Jew or Gentile, those who believe in heart and confess with lips

that Jesus is Lord shall be saved)

Luke 4:1-13 (Jesus tempted by Satan)

Opening Hymn: ELW #325, I Want Jesus to Walk With Me (WOV #660)

            OR LBW  #312, Once He Came in Blessing (LSB #333)

Hymn of the Day: LBW #229, A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

(ELW #504, stay away from 505; LSB #657)

Communion Hymn #1: LBW #341, Jesus, Still Lead On (ELW #624)

            (LSB #718, Jesus, Lead Thou On)

Communion Hymn #2: LBW #230, Lord, Keep Us Steadfast In Your Word (ELW #517, LSB #655)

Closing Hymn:  LSB #424, O Christ, You Walked the Road

            OR LBW #88, O Love, How Deep (especially v. 3) (ELW #322; LSB 544)



(Words: Rev. Cathy Ammlung, STS; Tune: King’s Weston, LBW #179, “At The Name Of Jesus”)

Through the time of testing lead us, Lord, we pray.

Forge a holy people on that desert way.

Strip us from our idols, mortify our pride.

Cleave us and conform us to the Crucified.

And your mind, Christ Jesus, in our midst bestow,

We your love to offer, we your grace to show,

We your service render to your people here:

Murm’ring and rebellious, yet you count them dear.

With your Breath revive us in the wilderness.

Grant us joy, obedience, and your holiness.

Jesus’ new commandment on our hearts engrave.

Your covenant remember; and your people save!


March 17, 2019: 2nd Sunday in Lent

Jeremiah 26:8-15 (Jeremiah prophesies against Zion, is marked for death; urges repentance)

            RCL: Genesis 15:1-12, (13-16), 17-18 (God “cuts a covenant” with Abram)

Psalm 4 (The Lord sets apart his faithful; ponder, pray, offer sacrifice, be patient)

            RCL: Psalm 27 (The Lord is my light and salvation; I desire to see the beauty of God)

Philippians 3:17-4:1 (follow example of those who are in Christ; our citizenship is in heaven;

            stand firm in Christ who transforms us from humiliation to his glory)

Luke 13:31-35 (Jesus, like prophets before him, must die in Jerusalem; he longs to gather its

people beneath his wings)

Opening Hymn: LBW #507, How Firm a Foundation, O Saints of the Lord (ELW #796, LSB #728)

Hymn of the Day: LBW #325, Lord, Thee I Love With All My Heart (ELW #750, LSB #708)

Communion Hymn #1: WOV #741, Thy Holy Wings (ELW #613)

Communion Hymn #2: LBW #474, Children of the Heavenly Father (ELW #781)

Closing Hymn: LBW #380, O Christ Our Light, Our Radiance True (ELW #675)


March 24, 2019: 3rd Sunday in Lent

Ezekiel 33:7-20 (you are a sentinel warning people to repent; if the evil repent, they live;

 If the righteous sin, they die; if you don’t warn, their blood is on you)

RCL: Isaiah 55:1-9: (Listen to God, eat what is good; he makes everlasting covenant;

seek him while he may be found; his Word returns fruitfully to him)

Psalm 85 (Restore us; show us your steadfast love; save us from our sin)

RCL: Psalm 63:1-8 (My soul hungers and thirsts for you; you have helped me;

 I sing for joy)

1 Corinthians 10:1-13 (avoid sin; do not put Christ to the test; God provides a means of escape

when you are tested)

Luke 13:1-9 (tower didn’t fall because the people were worse sinners than you; but if you

 do not repent, worse will happen to you. Parable of unfruitful fig tree)

Opening Hymn: LSB #614, “As Surely As I Live,” God Said (if tune is unfamiliar, this can be sung

                        to “Lord, Keep Us Steadfast”)

 OR LBW #312, Once He Came in Blessing (LSB #333)

OR ELW #733, Great is Thy Faithfulness (WOV #771, LSB #809)

Hymn of the Day: LBW #291, Jesus Sinners Will Receive (if the tune has you coughing up hairballs, you can use “Grosser Gott,” Holy God, We Praise Your Name!)

OR ELW #335, Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross

Communion Hymn #1LBW #304, Today Your Mercy Calls Us (LSB #915)

Communion Hymn #2:  LBW #343, Guide Me Ever, Great Redeemer (ELW #618, LSB #918)

Closing Hymn: LBW #341, Jesus, Still Lead On  (ELW #624) (LSB #718, Jesus, Lead Thou On)


March 31, 2019: 4th Sunday in Lent

Isaiah 12:1-6 (With joy you will draw from waters of salvation and praise the Lord)

RCL: Joshua 5:9-12 (After circumcision, Israelites keep first Passover in Promised Land)

Psalm 32 (happy are they whose transgression is forgiven & whose sin God covers; accept his instruction and live)

2 Corinthians 5:16-21 (God has given us the ministry of reconciliation in Christ)

Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 (Parable of the Prodigal Son)

Opening Hymn: LBW #465, Evening and Morning (ELW #761, LSB #726)

Hymn of the Day: WOV #733, Our Father, We Have Wandered (ELW #606)

Communion Hymn #1: LBW #448, Amazing Grace (ELW #779, LSB #744)

Communion Hymn #2: LBW #385, What Wondrous Love Is This (ELW #666, LSB #543)

Closing Hymn: LBW #447, All Depends on Our Possessing (ELW #589, LSB #732)


April 7, 2019: 5th Sunday in Lent

Isaiah 43:16-21(God announces his new work; the wilderness shall be a place of refreshment) Psalm 126 (God restored fortunes of Zion; those who sowed with weeping shall harvest with joy)

Philippians 3:4b-14 (All is rubbish, compared to the surpassing worth of knowing Christ my God)

Luke 20:9-20 (Parable of the wicked tenants of the vineyard)

            RCL: John 12:1-8 (Mary, Lazarus’s sister, anoints Jesus with oil)

Opening Hymn: LBW #369, The Church’s One Foundation (ELW #654)

Hymn of the Day: : LBW #482, When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (ELW #803, LSB #435, 426)

Communion Hymn #1: LBW #104, In the Cross of Christ I Glory (ELW #324, LSB #427)

Communion Hymn #2: LBW #298, One There Is, Above All Others

 OR LBW #514, O Savior, Precious Savior (ELW #820, LSB #527)

Closing Hymn: LBW #294, My Hope is Built on Nothing Less (ELW #596, 597; LSB #575, 576)


April 14, 2019: Palm/Passion Sunday

Processional Gospel: John 12:12-19 (Triumphal entry into Jerusalem)

            RCL: Luke 19:28-40 (Triumphal entry into Jerusalem)

Deuteronomy 32:36-39 (There is no god apart from Me who can save you)

            RCL: Isaiah 50: 4-9a (The Lord opens my ear, helped me. Who will contend with me?)

Psalm 31:9-16 (Psalm of deep lament and distress – and trust in God)

Philippians 2:5-11 (Christ has humbled himself and become obedient unto death,

even death on a Cross)

Luke 22:39-23:56 (from Gethsemane to Golgotha; Passion narrative)

Opening Hymn: LBW #108, All Glory, Laud and Honor (ELW #344, LSB #442)

Hymn Prior to Reading of Passion: LBW #115, Jesus, I Will Ponder Now (ELW #345, #440)

Hymn of the Day: LBW #117, O Sacred Head, Now Wounded (ELW #351, LSB #449)

Communion Hymn #1: LBW #114, There Is A Green Hill Far Away

OR ELW #341, Now Behold the Lamb

Communion Hymn #2: WOV #740, Jesus, Remember Me (ELW #616, LSB #767)

Closing Hymn: LBW #121, Ride On, Ride On in Majesty (ELW #346, LSB #441)


Thursday, April 18, 2019: Maundy Thursday

Jeremiah 31:31-34 (new covenant; God writes his law upon the heart)

            RCL: Exodus 12:1-14 (The Passover)

Psalm 116:12-19(I will take up the cup of salvation and call upon the name of the Lord;

 precious in his sight is the death of his faithful servant)

Hebrews 10:15-25 (we have confidence through blood of Jesus to enter God’s holy sanctuary)

            RCL: 1 Corinthians 11:23-26 (Holy Communion; words of institution)

Luke 22:7-20 (the Last Supper)

Opening Hymn, or During Foot-washing: LBW #126, Where Charity and Love Prevail

(ELW #359, LSB #845)

Hymn of the Day: LBW #199, Thee We Adore, O Hidden Savior (LSB #640)

            (ELW #476, Thee We Adore, O Savior, God Most True)

Communion Hymn #1: LBW #109, Go to Dark Gethsemane (ELW #347, LSB #436)

Communion Hymn #2: LBW #226, Draw Near and Take the Body of the Lord

            OR LBW #224, Soul Adorn Yourself With Gladness (ELW #488, LSB #636)

Closing Hymn: if there is one, consider LBW #106, In the Hour of Trial; otherwise,

if the altar is being stripped, chant Psalm 22


Friday, April 19, 2019: Good Friday

Isaiah 52:13-53:12 (the Suffering Servant, by whose wounds we are healed)

Psalm 22 (My God, My God, why have you forsaken me….)

Hebrews 4:14-16, 5:7-9 (we have a great High Priest, tested as we are in all things

yet without sin; by his perfect obedience and suffering, we receive salvation)

John 18:1-19:42 (the Passion)

Hymn of the Day: WOV #668, There in God’s Garden (ELW #342)

            OR LBW #111, Lamb of God, Pure and Sinless (ELW #357)

Other hymn: LBW #123, Ah, Holy Jesus (ELW #349)


Saturday, April 20, 2019: The Vigil of Easter

Service of Readings: There are twelve all together. If you decide to do seven or four, choose from the following; however, those in boldface must be read; and the final canticle, “All you works of the Lord” is always read after the final lesson. Where appointed, a responsorial psalm/canticle is also noted in parentheses. Where one is not noted, I have indicated a hymn that may be sung instead.

  1. Genesis 1:1-2:2 or Genesis 1:1-3:24

Hymn:LBW #540, Praise the Lord! O Heavens adore him (ELW #823)

OR LBW # 372, In Adam We Have All Been One (LSB #569)

  1. Genesis 7:1-5, 11-18; 8:6-18; 9:8-13

Hymn: WOV #741, Thy Holy Wings (ELW #613)

OR LBW #334. Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me, (ELW #755, LSB #715)

  1. Exodus 14:10-15:1a or Exodus 13:17-15:1a

LBW Canticle 19, The Song of Moses and Miriam

  1. Isaiah 55:1-11

Psalm 33:1-11 OR LBW #232, Thy Word, O Lord, Like Gentle Dew

OR ELW #510, Word of God, Come Down on Earth (WOV #716, LSB #545)

  1. Ezekiel 37

 Psalm 30

  1. Isaiah 4:2-6

The Song of the Vineyard, from Isaiah 5

  1. Daniel 3:1-29

LBW Canticle 18: All You Works of the Lord, Bless the Lord

OR LBW #527, All Creatures of Our God and King

(ELW #835, All Creatures, Worship God Most High)

Readings for the Service of Holy Communion:

Romans 6:1-11 (we are baptized into Christ’s death and resurrection)

Luke 24:1-12 (the women come to the empty tomb)

Hymn of the Day: LBW #189, We Know That Christ is Raised and Dies No More

(ELW #449, LSB #603)

Communion Hymn #1: LBW #148, Now the Green Blade Rises (ELW #379)

Communion Hymn #2: WOV #671, Alleluia, Alleluia, Give Thanks to the Living Lord

            OR ELW #377, Alleluia! Jesus is Risen! (WOV #674, LSB #474)

Closing Hymn: WOV #676, This Joyful Eastertide (ELW #391, LSB #482)


April 21, 2019: Easter Day, the Resurrection of Our Lord

Easter Sunrise Lessons:

Job 19:23-27 (I know that my Redeemer lives!)

Psalm 118:15-29 (The right hand of the Lord has triumphed; this is the Lord’s doing;

 this is the day the Lord has made)

1 Corinthians 15:51-57 (we shall not all die, but we shall all be changed;

the trumpet shall sound and the dead shall be raised incorruptible)

John 20:1-18 (the women at the tomb; Peter and John; Mary Magdalene and Jesus)


Easter Day Lessons:

Isaiah 65:17-25 (God promises new heaven and earth; people will live long and prosper;

  nothing shall hurt or destroy on his holy mountain)

Psalm 16 (you do not give me up to Sheol, nor let your holy one see the Pit)

RCL: Psalm 118:1-2, 14-24 (Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; I shall not die but live,

and declare the works of the Lord)

1 Corinthians 15:19-26 (if Christ not raised, we are pitiable fools; but he has been raised,

as shall we be!)

Luke 24:1-12 (the women at the empty tomb)


Hymn selections are for main services of the day, not the sunrise service


Opening Hymn: LBW #151, Jesus Christ is Risen Today (ELW #365, LSB #457)

Hymn of the Day: LBW #134, Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands (ELW #370, LSB #458)

Communion Hymn #1: WOV #671, Alleluia, Alleluia, Give Thanks to the Living Lord

            OR ELW #377, Alleluia! Jesus is Risen! (WOV #674, LSB #474)

Communion Hymn #2: LBW #352, I Know that My Redeemer Lives (ELW #619, LSB #461)

Closing Hymn: LBW #145, Thine is the Glory (ELW #376)