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“You pushed me violently so that I was falling, but the Lord helped me. The Lord is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation. The sound of joyful shouting and salvation is in the tents of the righteous; the right hand of the Lord does valiantly.” (Psalm 118:13-15)

The world has the wicked who push violently and seek destruction. Great is the Lord, for He protects those who love Him. He will purpose all things together for good for those whom He foreknew would be conformed to the image of Christ. Rejoice in the salvation which is yours through our Savior, Jesus. He is the right hand of the Father who works valiantly on behalf of the redeemed.

Lord, guide me to see through the nonsense of this age that I would forever hold fast to the truth You have spoken from the beginning. Lead me, O Lord, to see through the haze of this age knowing that You will accomplish all that You have promised. Keep my eyes upon You, dear Savior, that I would not be led astray by the obfuscations of this age. Keep my eyes off the wicked and upon You.

Lord Jesus, You have come to save because we need saving. Lead me in the salvation You have prepared for me that I would live this day fully in Your arms of grace. Lead me in Your mercy to hear as the Holy Spirit speaks. The world means it for violence, but You have conquered sin, death and the devil. Lead me to walk always with You keeping Your presence ever before me. Amen.

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