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“Remember the word to Your servant, in which You have made me hope. This is my comfort in my affliction, that Your word has revived me. The arrogant utterly deride me, yet I do not turn aside from Your law.” (Psalm 119:49-51)

No matter the circumstances or the pressure brought to bear, do not waver from seeking the truth of the Lord always. Those around you who would lead you astray do not have the things of the Lord upon their hearts. Follow the Lord and His goodness always. Seek the Lord while He may be found and you will find that He is always close. Live in the hope He gives now and always.

Lord, in times of travail, there are the times of testing. Though I be tested, may I always be found trusting in You and Your Word. Guide me this day, O Lord, that I would not veer from the path You have set before me. Lead me in the way of truth that I would now and forever abide in what You have revealed for the ages. O Lord, this life can be difficult, but You are always here.

Lord Jesus, You have come to lead us from where we are into the truth of salvation which You make possible. Lead me this day that I would hold fast to the narrow way which is set before me. Guide me to hope that I would neither stumble nor fall. In all things, continue to abide in me that I would not be hindered in the journey of becoming like You, for You are my rock and my salvation. Amen.