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O Lord, I remember Your name in the night, and keep Your law. This has become mine, that I observe Your precepts.” (Psalm 119:55-56)

The way of salvation is grace. Grace enables all who come into it to begin the real work of learning the way of righteousness. This is why Scripture tells us to work through our salvation with fear and trembling. Yet, never forget that it is the Lord’s grace alone that enables us to walk this journey. Come then into the salvation the Lord offers and know His goodness forever.

You have called for us to learn faithfulness. You have called for us to put into practice those things that You command. Through Your precepts and the obedience of all that You command teach me the way of becoming like Christ. Let it be true that I say that Your precepts are my precepts. Lead me in the way of righteousness that I would forever hold fast to the truth of Your Word.

Lord Jesus, You have invited me to walk with You. Guide me this day in those lessons I need to learn that I would now and always walk in the way You would have me go. Let me see the hindrances that I may learn to be bold in faith against the obstacles of this age. Keep me close to You that I may grow this day in Your likeness and be closer to what You are creating in me. Amen.