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“Do not grant, O Lord, the desires of the wicked; do not further his wicked scheme, lest they be exalted.   “As for the head of those who surround me, let the evil of their lips cover them; let burning coals fall upon them; let them be cast into the fire, into deep pits, that they rise not up again.”  (Psalm 140:8-10)

When we look around, it often seems as though the wicked are prospering.  What difference does it make if they gain the world but lose their soul?  Do not lose perspective nor forget that this age is fleeting.  Look to the Lord and walk humbly with your Maker and God.  It is He who causes all things to work together for good.  It is He who has made plans for the ages and those who trust in Him will eternally prosper.

Lord, guide me in the way of righteousness.  Let me not be caught up in the nonsense of this world.  Lead me according to the goodness of Your word that I would now and always abide in Your presence and walk in Your ways.  Let those who reject You be cast to the pit or let them not be cast to the pit; for You alone know what is in their hearts.  Only, do not allow me to join with them, but always to walk humbly with You.

Lord Jesus, You have come to save as many as believe.  Help my unbelief that I would walk through even those times of uncertainty and even anger with my hand in Yours.  You know that way of everlasting life and have come to lead as many as would follow in Your never-failing way.  Lead me, O Lord, that I may walk in the life You give knowing that all things are in Your hands.  Amen.